Ya Nevah Know

(answer from yesterday: When Harry Met Sally)

“I’ve been around a long time, and life still has a whole lot of surprises for me.”-Loretta Lynn

“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”-Boris Pasternak

“Society is always taken by surprise at any new examples of common sense.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Surprise! I love surprises. Let me knock on wood in my expected superstitious fashion and say that I love GOOD surprises.

I’m not talking today about gift surprises or surprise trips to Paris, although those will never be turned away, I’m talking about good life surprises. And this past week, I had the pleasure of witnessing two of them. I think they are the universe’s way of saying “See? There are some good moments out there”. All it takes is one viewing of the nightly news to make a person think that there are none left in the world. We all need reminders, I guess.

The first instance happened at the bank. I just went in to cash a check. Nothing exciting. While I was standing at the counter waiting for my transaction to be finished, I noticed a woman enter the bank, preceded by an older woman. We’re talking maybe 55 for one and late 70s for the other. And she was not a spry late-70s either, might I add. From little bits of the conversation (it was a small bank), I discovered that they were a mother and daughter team. The daughter brought the mother to the bank because she wanted to open an account. Turns out that she wanted to open a new account to deposit funds from her newly established website that was selling some sort of goods  I told you it was a small bank. I do not have super-human powers of hearing). I loved that! Here I was thinking she was some little, gray-haired lady with her cane and I come to find out that she’s web savvy and a new entrepreneur. Awesome.

Second instance of surprise. I was dropping my older daughter off at her middle school one morning. Out of the car in front of us hopped a boy that I was just mildly familiar with (as they were in the same elementary school). I’ve heard mixed reviews on this kid over the years and most bordered on him being a little bit of a smart alec. So, out of his car he goes and approaches the double doors and then out of our car hops my daughter (lots of hopping that morning). There weren’t many kids around at that moment, as we were running a little late. Then….I actually saw him open the school door, pause, look back…and the he stepped out to the side of the door that he was holding open…for my daughter. I just witnessed a 7th grade, adolescent boy hold a door open for a girl he really doesn’t even know that well.

I drove away awed. How cool was that? I could not have been more surprised by that action if a herd of white elephants dropped out of the sky, landed on my car and started dancing the macarena.

Amusing. Inspiring. Just plain good.

Never judge, April, never judge. You might just be happily surprised.

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