Attempt #2 at a french macaron cooking class last night. Remember, I tried to go to one in the Spring…had signed up, paid, went to the restaurant where it was being held only to find it dark.

Same thing last night. I kid you not. The possibility of  a Candid Camera moment was looming large in my mind. Ok, our area was under a tornado warning and winds and rain were expected, but the class was not canceled (that sentence makes both the teacher of the class and attendees sound like lunatics), so I went. It wasn’t raining at the time, only a little windy. Got to the restaurant and again…dark.


I just want to learn how to make a perfectly pastel, delicately delicious french macaron…is that so wrong?? Why does the universe not want me to learn this skill, I ask you!

I’m stumped.

Class is rescheduled for Monday night. I’ll keep you posted. And here I thought I had today’s post in the bag. Shows what I know.

So, I regroup.

Yoga class today. Lesson learned: Two sides are not necessarily equal AND make sure to only compete with yourself, not others. There’s no winning there.

For starters, I’m crooked. My spine does not run perfectly North to South like most people’s do. Mine takes a little side excursion to the East. Or West. I forget. Either way, it’s just not straight. I’ve always known this, but for some reason, it has become glaringly evident in my yoga practice as of late. Does aging play into this? I don’t know. Do half-moon pose with me balancing on the left leg….I felt so good that I could’ve been photographed for Yoga Journal. Right leg was high up in the air, left hand on the ground, right arm flying up in the air to meet the leg. I felt stretched and airborne. No wiggling or faltering. It was fabulous.

Go to  the other side….hmmm….apparently, my other side is that of a 98-year old woman. Left leg gets halfway up into the air (at best), both arms stay on ground (I don’t even attempt to bring one up), breath increases. I pray. I  pray to make it and to not have this leg collapse.

At this very moment, I am the yogic version of Jekyll and Hyde. And how annoying is this??  Just when you have mastered something, the universe says…”uh….not so fast…” and puts you to work on your patience, with a fair amount of frustration thrown in for good measure. Yes, my body is not straight but can a person’s resolve make up for that? I’m curious to find out.

Second…a new attendee came to class today. She was about 9 feet tall and about 100 pounds. She also had fabulous shoulder muscles. Your basic nightmare. Am I exaggerating? Maybe a tad. But not much. For the first 15 minutes of class, my eyes were slightly flicking in her direction, to see what she could do. Mind you, I’m pretty good at my yoga. I’ve been taking it on and off for about 15 years now and, thankfully, have been totally “on” these days… I’m also generally not an overly competitive person. I don’t think that’s ever been a word I’ve used to describe to myself. So, for me to be checking out a fellow yogi to see what they can do seemed odd to me. I even recognized that as I was doing it-what an unyogic thing to do.  Then, somewhere and at some point, maybe during an extended downward dog (you have time to think as you are hanging there), it occurred to me….I should only be competing with myself. No looking left or right, only inward. And not even competing…focusing.

The following hour of yoga changed radically after that. The rest of the class members melted away and frankly, it was one of the best classes I’ve had recently. Only me. Only push myself. Only focus on me. How far can I go? What can I make my body do that it didn’t do last class?

Between realizing hurdles and realizing my focus, my practice became stronger today.

Can’t beat that.

Now, if I could just learn how to make a macaron….

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