Yup, it really is all Good

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts. -Henry David Thoreau

I really try to not use this blog as a forum for venting. I have a whole handful of delightful and wonderful girlfriends for that. They are just amazing women for so many reasons and I owe my sanity to them, for sure.

BUT, I took notice of something today and even though it involves a rant/vent, I thought I’d write a post because it ends with a good dose of self-awareness. Note: Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll throw you a good recipe or a good find as you’ve listened to me “talk” for a slew of days now. Thank you, by the way.

So yesterday was The. Most. Glorious. Weather. Day!   A perfect fall day and how timely, as autumn had officially blown into town a mere 24 hours earlier. Remember, the call for pumpkin-flavored anything? There was a slight breeze that carried a little bit of a crispness, the sky was a fabulous clear blue, the sun was bright, the trees rustled…there was warmth and cool present in the air. Cool enough that a good pair of jeans felt comfortable but warm enough that you wanted to make-like-a-lizard and sun yourself on the nearest rock and maybe fall asleep for a while. Brilliant.

And how much time did I spend out-of-doors enjoying this incredible gift of a day? Exactly one half hour. Yup. Mother Nature just shuddered.

Mind you, it was a fabulously productive day. When the temps dip below 72, I seem to get a blast of energy. I was up early….laundry, grocery lists, I even made pumpkin-spice waffles for the kids and weeded outside (THAT was the half hour) all before 10:30. Love that. Then I commenced the errand portion of our day…Penzey’s Spices (used up the rest of some of my go-to-spices with the morning waffles), one grocery store for fish and breads and then another for all of the other stuff. Had a quick lunch at home with the family and then out the door with my eldest daughter for some clothes shopping in anticipation of a school trip she is going on soon.

Enter rant. Have you gone clothes shopping with a pre-teen lately? Forget that there is a time in life when a body is in total size-pergatory….too big for kids clothing yet too small for adults (that goes for shoes, too). Then, there is the “I can’t decide if I like it factor”, which alone is enough to make any sane Mother almost want to run for the hills screaming when you’ve been in the store for an hour. Add to that the blaring music (appropriately…the song “Le Freak” by Groove Factory) and I almost came close to strangling the poor Gap employee because he wan’t processing my transaction fast enough and getting me out of that store.

While I was happy to say that I provided meals and food for my family (call me Hunter-Gatherer of Suburbia) and helped my daughter shop for the things that she needed, I was absolutely ballistic INSIDE by the end of the day because I couldn’t be OUTSIDE on such a beautiful day. Here we were (clothes and other) shopping, something that when you HAVE to do it is not really that pleasurable. My discontent with these few things, it seemed, was trying to ruin a day that, by many standards, was perfectly fine.

I made a conscious effort to regroup. Fast. It had been productive day. All members of the family were in a good mood. Things were humming along. The weather was great (how annoying is grocery shopping when it is pouring or snowing?). Even the errands that I did earlier in the day, although they took time, they went smoothly. Fine, being in a store with a pre-teen and looking for the needle-in-the-haystack pair of jeans had gotten to me, but really, was this THAT bad?


Time to retake control of my brain. Made a dinner for the family that produced rave reviews. Played a game together while eating that dinner and had some good laughs. All got ready for bed. Husband offered to give me a footrub.

Life is good. I’m just glad I saved the day from getting swept out to sea for my own silly reasons.

Sunny forecast today.

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