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I’m Just Missing the Sarong

You have heard me mention two things ad nauseam on this blog at some point or another. Tahiti (Bora Bora, French Polynesia) and coconut. Two things that I just adore.

Well, the latter crops up again and in a new form. Coconut oil. It’s my new favorite thing for the ol’ bod. A friend of mine used to joke that my bathroom was being stocked with far too many “edibles” (grapefruit shampoo, blue corn face mask, green tea this, blueberry that. He’d come out of the bathroom and laugh at me. My bathroom was starting to mirror my pantry!). Makes sense, though…things that I know to be good for my insides are, in many cases, good for the outside too. If you can ingest it and feel good about it, then the same must hold true for using it on the outside. Or conversely, it must stand to reason that if it is safe enough to eat (almost, or have good ingredients) then it must be good to put on you. Especially when you are hoping that the ingredients soak into your skin (or hair, nails, whatever) and do their ooooo…magic!

Coconut oil. The superstar product of the moment in any Whole Foods store or wellness magazine. I originally picked it up to start cooking with it, but it hasn’t left my bathroom. My husband is starting to wonder. Here’s what the label on the back of the jar says…”Chefs know. Athletes know. The beautiful people know. Natural, plant-based saturated fats can be a very good thing. Whether for a tender, moist cake or extra energy before a race, for a Southeast Asian stir fry or soft, smooth skin and hair, Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil is the jar to open.” Well, doesn’t THAT just cover every bit of ground?

I have to say, when I read that, I laughed out loud. I think it was the line about the “beautiful people” that threw me over the edge. Miracle in a jar! It’s a miracle in a jar! I can stir fry with it, lower my cholesterol AND have fabulous skin and hair! Hilarious.

So hilarious that I bought a jar and have now been slathering it all over me. AND, I have to say, it’s made my skin the smoothest it’s been a looooooong time. I have decent skin to begin with, so this is no joke. A little goes a long way and no, you don’t end up smelling coconutty or like a walking bottle of Coppertone. It absorbs quickly but man, the skin loves this stuff and it also leaves it looking great….a little glisten-y and sheen-y. And it’s all natural…there’s nothing on this label that you cannot pronounce, all for about $7 a jar.  Estee Lauder, eat your heart out.

Here’s what I’ve found out about Coconut Oil (in general, not just this brand):

-Yes, it’s a saturated fat BUT it’s a medium-chain saturated fat, meaning that it actually provides health benefits to you and also doesn’t leave fatty deposits in your arteries (ew)

-Skin benefits (I’ll start here since my is in my bathroom): it’s high in Vitamin E and those saturated fats, so it’s very nourishing to skin…it’s antibacterial (helping with skin conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea) and packed with antioxidant properties to reduce and/or help eliminate those pesky free radicals. It also improves skin cell repair (woo-hoo!). French Polynesian women have apparently been using this uber-oil for hundreds of years and it’s what keeps their skin protected from the sun. God Bless the internet for getting this info to us halfway around the world. Why should it stay cooped up on those pretty little islands?

-Hair benefits: Locks moisture into hair. Slather it on, let it sit for 15 minutes, read a magazine (or this blog) and then shampoo out. Lustrous! The fats also help with flaky skin or dandruff (don’t want those).

-Health Benefits: increases energy and metabolism (yes!), it’s heart-healthy, benefits your thyroid and digestive system, boosts your immune system (has capric and lauric acids which are anti-fungal and anti-viral) and can lower cholesterol. Again…sign me up.

These are the claims on the street. Obviously, every body is different, so these may not hold true for yours. Say, if you are deathly allergic to coconuts.

Throw on a sarong and give it a whirl. I’m loving it and I haven’t even cooked with it yet.

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