A Little Wicked

The Halloween candy is being loaded into stores by the pile. Is it too early for candy corn? For me…yes. Too late, too early…doesn’t matter. I hate candy corn. And dum-dum lollipops (too small…what a waste of a stick). BUT, that is about the only thing I don’t like about Halloween. Favorite holiday, hands down.

I love that my kids start planning their Halloween costumes in August. Just when all the adults start complaining that “OMG, Home Goods has a HALLOWEEN display up already! It’s still summer!”, the kids take that teeny glimpse of the upcoming holiday and run like heck with it.

Of course, this is only Round 1 of the decision process. Early September usually brings about a new idea for a costume, followed by late September and the actual scouting of that costume (only to discover that it would cost you $200 to put together. Nix that.) followed by yet another idea in early October. This is a complex process. If all kids were as devoted to their homework, the planet would be teaming with geniuses and over-achievers. Strategy, marketing, design, even architecture…so much at work here.

At this point in the season, Child #1 has an idea and Child #2 has their costume. I will admit that I secretly love when Halloween season starts. Yes, I have written many-a-post about savoring moments and not rushing things, but Halloween…ah, that’s different in my book. Bring it on. Just catching the sight of something black and orange sets my heart a twitter. I flippin’ love Halloween.

From the early days…carving those pumpkins and plotting the costume…ooo, I just loved it. Still do. I will even go so far as to admit that I was a witch for virtually every Halloween when I was growing up (hold your jokes/opinions/witch references, please). And to think that I consider myself a creative person-it’s almost laughable. In fact, it IS laughable. What a weird kid thing to do and strangely enough, no adult around me questioned it. Huh. Maybe I was a witch in another lifetime? Well, we all have a little witch in us. Maybe some more than others.

Halloween is the one day of the year when a sane person can act quite insane and it’s not really questioned. Don the hat, wear something odd…no one thinks twice and in fact, I believe that some will envy the moxie of those that do. Why not? Have fun. It’s a day when being a kid and having goofy fun is completely allowed.

My mom-in-law knows a woman who, on every Halloween, goes out with a bunch of her best girlfriends. Kicker…they dress up, head-to-toe-in their most awesome, flowy witch costumes and troll the city of Salem, Massachusetts (with about a million other witch-zombie-ghoul wannabes). They even ride the train to get there, just sitting with the other riders as if this is their normal garb. I love that witchy-moxie. They have a great time every year with this little pilgrimage of theirs.

Halloween is a mere thirty-three days away…time to start tapping into something just a tad bit wicked….

β€œ”Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.”-Unknown


4 thoughts on “A Little Wicked

  1. If you were a witch in a past life you were definitely a GOOD witch πŸ™‚ Which is what Morgan wants to be for Halloween…we might need your help. Unfortunately I have to disagree on the candy corn thing…I’m on my second bag!

  2. OMG- Candy corn…. I always THINK I like it… and I do, but after a small handful or two, I feel sick. It’s the one candy that really makes me feel ill. It’s festive, though… sure says “Halloween” when you see it, right? As for costumes growing up, I did your usual witch and hobo, but I also made a Coke can costume one year, a Pac Man arcade machine another- those two were probably my favorite. But I’ve made some great ones for the boys- a skeleton, Hedwig (Harry Potter’s owl -every feather cut from felt and hot glued onto costume), a mummy, Jack Sparrow among my favorites!

    1. I’m totally with you on the candy corn..I try one and then it’s “ok, that’s enough. This is just a triangle of orange, yellow and white sugar.” My husband vehemently disagrees,lol. Your Hedwig costume sounds amazing!! And who doesn’t love Jack Sparrow??? Good on you for getting so into the spirit of the holiday πŸ™‚

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