Let Your Hair Up

The saying goes to “let your hair down”, but, in my case this weekend, it was up. Way up.

I was the Bride of Frankenstein on Saturday night for a Halloween bash.

80 people…kids and adults. Lots of food (served in faux coffins), spider webs, firepits, candy and….costumes. EVERYONE was in great costumes.

There was the FTD man (head to toe in body-hugging gold), Amelia Earhart, not- one-but-two Frankensteins, a samurai, Medusa…vampires, witches, Waldo (where?), priests, bloody surgeons and deranged nurses…and those were just the adults.

It was fabulous.

I have a theory….I think adults enjoy dressing up for Halloween just a tad more than they are willing to admit. Because, really, when do we get to let our hair down (up) this way? Holidays come and it’s usually mostly about the kids. We had our shot, now it’s time to pass the baton.

But for a few short hours…it’s great to not think about the bills. Not think about the appointments. Not worry about the mortgage. Not concentrate on college funds, retirement funds, anything-else funds.

Drop the d’s and just concentrate on the FUN.

Adults dig it, too. Get silly. Let’s step outside of our box. Halloween is one of the few times we can fly our freak flags and no one will look at us oddly.

Be a kid again.

Halloween is the time. Let the harvest moon bewitch you and go get a little crazy.

Let that hair up and enjoy the ride!

There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch. ~Robert Brault

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