Veggie Wrap (Up)

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.”   Rachel Carson

I took that quote right of my CSA farms’ website. It’s a good one, isn’t it?

Mid-October is here, the first frost has happened, candy corn (blech) are residing in the house and…

Our CSA share is quickly coming to the end of it’s season.  I think we have one week left. We’ve had almost twenty weeks of surprises and good fresh, organic food from a local farm. I have to say, I loved it. Husband did, too. And we only did a half-share, which was plenty for our family, especially during those zany zucchini and tomato months. If it had been a whole share, things could have gotten ugly fast. One can only eat so much zucchini and frankly, my thighs can’t handle that much zucchini bread.

A recap of this year’s haul (June-October)…spring greens, carrots, potatoes (white, red and sweet), lettuce (various types), scallions, garlic, peas, beets, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, onions, spinach, swiss chard, herbs, broccoli and beans (green and wax), pumpkins, winter squash, and cabbage, pumpkin-chocolate chip bread, zucchini bread, eggs, and bouquets of gorgeous flowers.

I loved pulling into the farm each week, curious to see what was on the table for us. Have I mentioned before that I love surprises? Big, little, jewelry, food and now, apparently, fresh garlic and greens.

Back on February 17th, I wrote a post that was all about CSAs and my hesitancy to becoming involved with one. I was torn…the commitment, the mystery, the hope for a good growing season. I’m glad that a friend of ours piped up (thanks K!) and offered to do a half-share with me. A nice way to dip our feet in the pool without going up to our bellybuttons and getting hit with the shock of cold water.

It’s been a success. It was not only economically just fine (organic produce costs a heck of a lot more in any store) but we knew we were supporting a local business and farmer AND getting hyper-fresh, organic goods. The biggest traveling my greens did was to go from the farm to my house, which is about 10 miles. No commercial palettes of under-ripe food traveling the length of the U.S. for us this summer, baby.

Net-net: Do it next year. In January, become one with Google and see what farms are in your area. They are out there, don’t worry. You’ll be able to find some. Sign ups for CSAs usually happen in February before the early Spring gets rolling. You will enjoy this, I promise.

Admittedly, the end of the season has been a bit sparse, which is a tad disappointing, but then again, that’s Mama Nature. She’s winding down and getting ready to hibernate after a busy summer so I have to cut her a little slack. At the moment, my crisper is overrun with cabbage. Talk about one last challenge. I’ll keep you posted and see what I come up with for this cruciferous giant. My family sure will be getting their fiber.

And then some.

2 thoughts on “Veggie Wrap (Up)

    1. The hardest was the zucchini, the green peppers, and the lettuces. The lettuces because you had to use them SUPER fast or they would go bad and lettuce usage is limited (mostly to salads)…the zucchini for the sheer amount, and the green peppers because I was stumped to find many good recipes using them (beyond raw snacking, in salads and grilled/fajitas).
      Best thing….tomatoes! I’ve made tons of “good sauce”, tapping into my Italian roots, and I wish I could have made more! I also wish there had been more radishes…I like them a lot and we just got a few.
      Do (did) you have a CSA share this year?

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