Scattered Like Autumn Leaves

It’s this time of the year. I’m starting to feel very scattered. And strangely energized.

Cool, brisk weather totally works for me. I’ve got energy…my walks have been fabulous and charged. Planting fall bulbs in the garden and wanting to soak up the golden, late autumn sun. I’m in DIY mode around the house. Our hallway stairs have been stripped and painted. I’m contemplating other furniture painting projects that I’ve been wanting to do. Pinterest is fast becoming a problem. Brain is also getting into holiday mode. Kohl’s is already bedecked in red, flashy Christmas trees and garlands. Tsk, tsk. A countdown must be imminent. Seriously? Seriously. These things on top of the usual litany of life-items. All good things swimming around, but swimming nonetheless.

Must breathe and enjoy. Take it down a notch. But the weeks are starting to accelerate and fly like a crazed witch on a broom. Why does fall always cruise by at warp-speed? It’s one of the best seasons out there and it barely stops to catch it’s breath. We have to work to corral the moments involving pumpkins and leaves and apple-and-spice anything.

One thing at a time. One thing.

Don’t rush. Just do. Make those lists. I flippin’ love making lists. And post-it notes. My kitchen cabinets usually have a few stuck to them, highlighting the day’s important posts. I have a love-hate thing going with those little post-its.

Yesterday, just as I was plotting out the next day’s hit-list, I was reminded that I would be chaperoning a full-morning field trip with my younger daughter’s class. Somehow, that notice did not make it up onto my bulletin board and this was now a surprise to me. Had I been PMSing, crying would have ensued because this change of plans would not have been appreciated. At all.

Out on a boat,  in the harbor, on a research vessel checking out the living organisms of the waterways. Humph.

But I have post-it’s to rip triumphantly off my cabinet doors!

Sorry, chica. You are chaperoning for three hours. And chaperone, I did.

The weather-gods cooperated (to the extent that just when we docked at the end of the trip, the first raindrops started and it rained all afternoon. Amazing timing) and it was sunny and calm out on that boat. I breathed in the salty air. I watched kids investigate squid, flounder (hands down one of the freakiest fish out there. Eyes that move across their bodies? Ew. Or as our leader said “Not Ew…..Interesting“) and spider crabs.

My post-it notes disappeared from view.

The scattering stopped. I was on a boat. With my kiddo. On a fieldtrip.

Completely in the moment.


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