CC about CC

CC=200 in Roman Numerals.

Two hundred words about my 200th post.

Write and the words will come. They always seems to, which has surprised me to no end. Some humorous, some serious, some   to ponder. Observations, experiences all add to the mix that is this growing narrative. Always liked to read words, now I’m liking playing with them. I am enjoying this more and more each day.

It feels like tapping into a deep, new wellspring. The water is cool to the touch, invigorating. Yet the color of it is darker at points and you can’t see where it leads. Undoubtedly exciting. Time to dip the toes and dive in. Let it envelope, swirl and wash all around. Already, the spring is creating streams that I didn’t know exist and could not have expected. That’s the wonderful part about trying something new. You never know where it will lead or what joy it will bring. New light. New sparkles. A breath of fresh air. Ah, breath deeply!

Take the first step for it may become a stepping stone to something else. Momentum will grow and things will start to happen. Don’t be afraid. Channel moxie. Ante up. Good surprises await.

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