Good Riddance

I did not intend to take five days off from my daily posts, but Mama Nature had other plans. She stripped my home, my neighbors and our area at large of their power. Kaput.

Hello, Sandy. It was not so nice to meet you.

Thankfully, and I can say this with the greatest of aplomb, THANKFULLY our power was the only thing that suffered this past week. No trees down in our yard, no damage to our home and all family members safe and sound. The only casualty of Madame Sandy was our rose arbor. I painted this arbor and planted the snowy, white rose bush when I was as-pregnant-as-pregnant-can-be with my younger daughter. I now know that it takes exactly eight years to get a climbing rose bush to crawl, drape and bloom exactly how you’ve always imagined it in your gardener’s dreams.

And then some broad named Sandy rolls into town and rips it clear out of the ground, 10-inch cement pilings and all.

Right now I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with…..Witch.

BUT…I recount my part of this story with a light heart, as others lives have been changed forever because of this freak storm and my heart goes out to them in the greatest way it can. Rose arbor, schmoze arbor. We’ve all been watching the news so we all know what Sandy did and what havoc she wreaked. Losing power and a rose arbor is one thing, but losing your home and every little morsel in it is quite another. I cannot even imagine.

I have a little book that I keep on my nightstand called 1,001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom. Each morning, when I wake up but am still in bed, I grab the book and just randomly open to a page. One day this week I opened the book and #331 jumped out at me….

“Strength and Awe…ishwara panidhana, or awe in the face of nature, is the last of the niyamas, Patanjali’s yogic codes of conduct. Carry with you an object that signifies the power of nature, perhaps a special stone or a heart-shaped talisman. Let it remind you that you are part of a wider universe.”

Good thing I was still in bed and lying down when I read that little ditty. Holy coincidence, Batman.

I don’t think we need to carry any talismen…we, unfortunately, have the pictures of the storm and it’s carnage that are now imprinted in our brains. That should suffice for quite some time as a reminder.

The power of nature. We certainly saw that this week. As much as modern man has the ability to forecast and prepare (can you imagine what it must have been like back in the day when they couldn’t??) and to try to rein in control, Mama Nature still holds the upper hand. And it is truly mesmerizing, that’s for sure. I, for one, was glued (probably in an unhealthy way) to The Weather Channel. Seeing those hurricane clouds swirl and the waters crash into the land…it was hard to keep your eyes off of it. Even knowing that no good was going to come of this, it was hard to look away.

The absolute and unfaltering Power of Nature.

Man wants to tinker, to try to control, to try to let technology rule….but it simply can’t.

There is too much power.

Horrifying, humbling power.

Count your blessings. One humbling thing at a time.

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