The Obvious Answer

Yesterday, I was running through a whole assortment of post ideas for today. Do I launch into Thanksgiving? Lord knows that the retail world is already at Christmas.

I saw Santa at the mall today. I kid you not.

A friend of mine did mention recently that I haven’t posted many recipes lately. Maybe that? Do I talk more about the Hurricane and how my Coleman camping stove and I kicked some sweet hurricane butt in the feed-your-family-minus-power department? Or do I drone on about the little bug that I seem to be fighting, with my head feeling like it’s splitting open at the moment and, for the first time since I nursed by babies, I was up from 4am-6am reading on the couch because I couldn’t sleep?

Then it hit me.

It’s November 6th.


If for no other reason than you can tie a nice red, white and blue bow on all of this over-the-top campaigning. Fini. Done.

And if you tell me that you are one of those people who doesn’t vote because they think it doesn’t make a difference, then I will just have to scream. And no one wants that.

Vote. Channel our forefathers. Stand for something. Be a proud individual.

We’ll talk Turkey and Hurricanes more tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Obvious Answer

  1. Feeling a bit anxious. My voting is done. Now moving on with my day, trying to keep busy to keep my mind off this election…

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