And Your Five?

It’s three days before Thanksgiving. How can I not write about being thankful?

We’ve heard it a million times (about 900,000 of those just from Oprah): Count your blessings and your life will be richer. The ubiquitous “they” are right.  It’s the truth. It’s one of those Grinch’s-heart-grows-three-sizes-that-day phenomenons. You end up feeling GOOD when you stop and look around-it’s really impossible not to. Even if you are having one of those days that is a total waste of makeup, you can usually scrounge and find ONE THING.

For example, on those days when I want to do nothing but moan and take a sledgehammer to my insanely small kitchen…when the four of us are bumping into each other just to get breakfast and there are school papers taking up valuable real estate on the counter, all I have to do is quickly remind myself that there are plenty of families on Long Island and New Jersey right now that don’t even have a kitchen any more thanks to Sandy. Ka-POW. Happy with my shoebox of a kitchen. Or at least content enough to cease moaning.

This really is something that we all should be doing every single day of the year, but obviously, this week is THE week to focus on the many reasons we have to give thanks. I think the more we can keep this thinking of being grateful in the forefront of our minds, the less chance we have of the world becoming increasingly like the lovely Kardashian crew, who stage weddings to hike their net worth and get swag. Talk about the gimmies run amuk.

So here…for this week, just think of five things each day that make you happy and have you thanking your lucky stars. This is no new exercise, but honestly, it’s a good one and one that is worth revisiting. In the prep for Thanksgiving day, with the grocery shopping, baking, hosting and traveling, this will work to keep us all grounded. Then you can float to your appointed  dinner locale with a smile on your face (a drink in your hand) and a renewed sense of perspective.

My FIVE for today:

1. Old Friends. They know you and they love you. They are as comfortable as your most worn, most beloved tee-shirt.

2. Fitting into your jeans when they are right out of the dryer. And without having to do a crazy dance to get into them.

3. Little smiles from little faces.

4. A perfect loaf of homemade bread (Thank YOU, Rich!)

5. A day when things go smoothly. You crossed to-do’s off the list, you didn’t procrastinate, you got it all done and even enjoyed it along the way.

Look around. Your five are right under your nose.

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