Grateful Living

More turkey talk…did you think I was just going to do one day of Gratefuls? This is the week for it. Not to make the Gratefuls sound trivial, but I almost like to turn it into a little game, sort of an adult version of “I Spy”. This is more like “I’m Paying Attention” or “I’m Taking Notice”. As someone who loves playing games (my husband will attest to this. Car games. Jeopardy, board games. My inner geek is rearing it’s ugly head right now with this admission), this is right up my alley.

So, to continue…Today’s 5 are…. (I feel like David Letterman and his Top 10 list):

1. I’m thankful that I was blessed with some willpower yesterday (I did not have such luck this morning). The treadmill and I arranged a date for 6am and we both actually showed up. The stars were out, it was dark and very romantic and that treadmill whispered sweet nothings (under my feet) for a whole luscious pre-dawn hour. It powered me through a busy day and I’m hoping for another infusion of it tomorrow. Hopefully the duvet will not be too seductive…

2. As I was juggling my “less than 12 items” at the food store last night (for what, my 3rd trip there this week? These eating holidays kill you), the Drano perched on my knee and held by a pinkie, the man in front of me turned around, noticed my lack of food cart and let me jump in front of him. Simple joy! And no, we are not serving Drano at Thanksgiving. The upstairs sink is misbehaving something awful. Bad sink.

3. I’m thankful for a wonderful group of women who worked with me yesterday to assemble Thanksgiving food baskets for 12 families in need. We sorted can after can, arranged piles, had some good laughs and were amazed by what was collected in one short week by the kids of our school. This week is a busy one for any person out there, so for them to take time out to help was a true sign of the season.

4. Yesterday, a friend of mine gave me a lovely and unexpected compliment. It’s amazing how, sometimes, just a tiny sentence can make you feel so darned good.

And finally, number 5. I’m thankful that my kids are not jaded. My youngest is in the throws of a little, sniffly head cold but she’s being such a trooper about it. So, when I was at the store last night (see number 2), I was walking down the paper goods aisle and I saw those clear boxes of drink umbrellas. You know the kind that you got in your Shirley Temples when you were a kid? I knew they would be perfect for her to use when she plays with her American Girl dolls. Upon placing that wee box in her hand when I got home, she sprouted a big, ol’ sniffly smile. It made my day to see her amused by something so simple and sweet. Now I can also begin to find those teeny tiny elastics that hold the umbrellas shut all over the house. But, ah, it’s worth it.

Ok, c’mon….look for your 5 today…

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