Holiday Pact

Christmas is a race to see which gives out first – your money or your feet.

Yesterday afternoon, I did something I have not done in AGES. Quite possibly since the days when my babies were napping and I was grasping for moments of rest, quiet and more rest.

I sat and read a book. In my bed. In the middle of the afternoon.

Cuddled under my beloved faux-fur Restoration Hardware throw (

And with a latte from Dunkin’ Donuts by my side.


If Publisher’s Clearing house appeared on my doorstep with a check for a million dollars, I wouldn’t have been happier. Wait, scrap that. I’d be happy with the check.

Million dollars aside, I was content as content could be. I knew that I could be decorating for the  holidays or putting the second coat of new paint on the fireplace (a project that has been in the second-coat works now for about a month) or even writing this post.

Remember when you were a child and you were so giddy with happiness that you just wanted to wriggle around and smile? That’s how good this little self-imposed time-out felt.

I sat. And read. And sipped. And I made a little pact with myself.

My pact is that during this holiday season (I’m seeing it now-the holidays-as if I’m about to jump into a pool) I’m going to take these little moments, here and there where I can, and create my own peace.

That hour reading was as nourishing to the soul as any massage, hot bath or even an evening out that I’ve had. I know, easier said than done, especially during the hectic-but-wonderful holiday season. That, though, is precisely why I want to do this and, more importantly, need to do this.

For love of my sanity and the true enjoyment of the holiday season! The holidays aren’t as lovely if you are strung out and ready to have a meltdown because you ran out of sugar or scotch tape. And I KNOW we’ve all had those moments. Crying ensues, followed by  a late-night drive to a CVS or grocery store and a husband wants to promptly flee the house for utter fear of the woman behaving like a lunatic. A wee time out here and a wee time out there will keep me in balance and let me enjoy the final weeks of 2012. Always a good goal, especially when you know that you will soon be wrapping a pile of gifts, addressing holiday cards, baking enough cookies for a small but appreciative army and decking the halls with all things glittered and sparkly.

Let’s try to keep our sparkle sparkling. Shall we? We shall.

And p.s.-Life of Pi is a really, really enjoyable book. It was my companion this afternoon. I highly recommend you diving into it when you can.

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