Uh, Excuse me…Coming through…

…said Christmas and Hanukkah to Thanksgiving.

Poor Thanksgiving got so short-changed this year. Sandy hit and then Snow hit and ka-pow! We had about a week to prepare for this lovely holiday. Thanksgiving has certainly gotten the short end of the drumstick more and more it seems with each passing year.

Halloween has become a ghoulishly popular consumer holiday (guilty, says she who hosts a huge costume party every year), second only to the big Kahuna, Christmas. And wedged in between is a holiday utterly wrapped in goodness and intent without any material fanfare. Some groceries, yes, but that’s the extent of the consumerism.

I hope you, like me and mine, enjoyed it thoroughly, wedged as it was.

And now onto Christmas (in my case). With Thanksgiving falling early this year, the calendar gods have bestowed unto us a whole extra week to prepare and decorate! That’s an early gift in my book. I usually feel like I am decking the halls, wrapping the gifts and baking the sweets all at the same time….and I’m a somewhat organized person when it comes to this stuff. I holiday shop throughout the year, for pete’s sake. Craziness still ensues, in addition to some rather late nights.

Have you noticed that folks seem positively a’ twitter right now because of this extra time? Holiday lights are flying up onto homes (ours included, I admit) and decorated trees are springing up left and right. Poof! Poof! Poof! Talk about rally. I have to remind myself that it’s still November for a few days. Maybe most are just happy to be back on course after the weather-demons that landed on us about a month ago. I get that.

So, let’s roll with it and find the good and great in this holiday season. SAVOR it. Don’t rush it.We all deserve it. The lights are going up, my adorable bottle brush trees will soon adorn our mantle…let’s make this holiday a grateful one, too. Let a little of that Thanksgiving sentiment overflow into December’s festivities.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”-Norman Vincent Peale

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