Classically Delightful

Two nights ago, it snowed (during the day, too) and it was a perfect, early season snowfall. Big, fat flakes, all floating gently. Every once in a while a little blast of wind would stir them up as they made their way to the cold, wet ground.

I had just picked my girls up from a friend’s house and we were driving home. It was dark. Man, I just don’t like the way it gets dark so early now. A downside to the early winter days. The snow was falling.

Then, I turned on the radio. Hello, Charlie Brown.

Is there any song that transports you to your youth and confirms that it is the holiday season more than Vince Guaraldi?

Fast forward to last night and A Charlie Brown Christmas was on TV. I think I was quite possibly more excited than my kids to see it. We all plunked down and watched it while we ate our dinner. A yuletide carpet picnic of sorts.

Yes, I was sitting there with a husband and two kids, but when I heard the first few notes of that unforgettable music, I was transported back to my childhood home, glued to our little tv. I felt as though I was about 7 years old, sitting there in my pjs, cuddled under a blanket, giggling at Snoopy as he sends all the skaters flying in different directions. It remember what a thrill it was to catch these Christmas specials on tv, especially on week nights.

With the advent of vcr’s and now Netflix, the thrill of “the catch” is gone for the most part.

The “thrill of the catch” was with us last night, though. I had no idea it was going to be on! We were all prepared to watch the Rockefeller Tree be lit (we did flip back and forth a little…girls wanted to see the Rockettes and we did see the tree light up). Ah, network competition.

Overall, we cast our vote for Charlie Brown, Linus and that wee little tree over teen-singing stars. The classics really are so much better.


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