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The Giving Tree

There once was a Grandpa. And that Grandpa had a Christmas tree. Of course, like everyone else hoping to extend the tree’s life, he cut a portion of the trunk off before putting it in it’s trusty, sturdy stand.

This Grandpa then saved a thin slice of the trunk. It was a perfect round, with the age-rings visible.

On Christmas morning, there was a Granddaughter who sat near this Grandpa’s tree. She sat in her fluffy, red bathrobe and opened up presents. She was as happy as any five year old could be. Eyes twinkled and spirits were merry. This happiness was captured on film.

After Christmas, the Grandpa took the photo of the Granddaughter, carefully cut it to match the shape of the tree-trunk slice that he had saved and glued it on. On the other side of this “new ornament”, he wrote the Granddaughter’s name and the date.

The Granddaughter is me.

This treasured ornament made by my Grandpa hangs on our tree now and we have done this same little project since the year of our first daughter’s birth.

The collection is growing more and more every year, just like the rings of a tree.

Easy directions for the world’s most perfect ornaments:
-Get your tree. The most perfect one you can find. Lug it home.
-Before securing it in it’s new home (the stand), saw off a slice of the trunk, about 1/2″ thick.
-Take a pic on Christmas morning or day of your family or kiddos.
-Cut photo to fit tree trunk slice and adhere with a good glue, something that won’t buckle photos.
-With Sharpie, on non-photo side of tree slice, write the date
-Cover with Modge Podge
-Screw in eye-hook to top of ornament
-Do one every year and look forward to going down memory lane every time you put up your tree.

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