Cough Trumps Blog

I feel like such a bad blogger this week.

The coughing continues. Yesterday I ventured out to Barnes and Noble for one Christmas gift and by the time I was headed home, I felt as though I couldn’t get back on my couch fast enough for a nap.

I have some good ideas, too, about blogs involving homemade marshmallows, holiday cookie baking and good ol’ holiday fun but my head and body just don’t want to be near this computer now.

The keys and monitor are begging for mercy as I cough in their general direction.

I’ll be back on Monday, I do hope. Cough-free, with lovely, bloggy thoughts springing to mind once again. I hope this, if for no other reason than I am officially tired of drinking tea (which I usually love), chicken soup and relying on my favorite Wonder Twins, Dayquil and Nyquil.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Stay healthy.

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