A Brief interlude…without briefs

When I spent copious amounts of time on the couch last week nursing the cold-cough that I had (cough is still with me, hanging on like a pesky sibling), magazines and books were my companions.

I stumbled on one thing that made me laugh and made me laugh so much that I have to now take a break from the holiday mode posts and mention it.

Nude Yoga.

No joke.

There was a little blurb in my Natural Health magazine about “Do Yoga Naked!”. I nearly fell off the cough laughing, which then landed me in a spot where I was gasping for air because my laughing turned into a monstrous coughing fit. It was a pretty picture, I can assure you (the laughing, not the nude yogis). So much for yoga breaths.

The part in the blurb that got me was the description: “…nude yoga liberates you from restrictive clothing, promotes a greater sense of freedom and openness during your practice and gives you an enhanced awareness of your body.”


-“liberates you from restrictive clothing”…and here, companies like Lululemon are promoting and selling $100 yoga pants that have a patented design to actually make your butt look better. Silly, Lululemon!

-“promotes a greater sense of freedom and openness”….I just have no comments for that, except please don’t let the hairy, grunty guy from last week’s class get wind of this new yoga.

-“gives you an enhanced awareness of your body”….two words for you or the unassuming yogi on the mat behind you: Downward Dog.

Of course, I had  to check out the website that this blurb mentioned and at first thought, “Huh…this could be kind of sexy, as un-yogi as that sounds…” Well, Sexy went to Silly in about 10 seconds, I assure you. Even my husband checked it out and left with the same take-away. Put the pants back on, sister. Lycra, in this instance, is your friend and ours.

First there was classic yoga that was expertly brought into the current mainstream and is catching on like a match to a pile of hay. Then there was Bikram yoga or hot yoga. Still haven’t tried that yet because it strikes me, as a heat-hater, as completely sadistic. There’s also Acro Yoga, which is short for acrobatics yoga. These yogis balance in crazy poses stacked on each other and in precarious places, such as edges of buildings. Basically, it’s Cirque-du-Soleil minus the paycheck, fame or the great insurance plan. And now, we have reached the only place left to go…Nude Yoga.

How have we gotten to a place in our world where clothing is seen as “restrictive”? Really? Pants and shirts and undees are really keeping some people out there from performing their best during the day and giving life their all?

I love yoga, you all know this about me.

But this….excuse me while I do a few ujayi breaths to regain my composure….

(although, if today turns out to be the end of the world-Thank you, ancient Mayans-then maybe go do some Nekkid Yoga. What the heck.)

2 thoughts on “A Brief interlude…without briefs

  1. Hee hee. I don’t care how attractive you are. . .there are some positions that just don’t lend themselves to nudity. Reminds me of that old Seinfeld episode about “good naked” and “bad naked” . . .

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