Last night I helped to set a World Record, among other things.

Yeah, just your average Wednesday night.

Ah, but it wasn’t!

For starters, it was 12-12-12. Quite possibly the coolest date in a long time and now for a long time to come. I’ll be 142 the next time this date rolls around. Hmmm…might miss that one. The Mayans had yesterday set as the end of their calendar and now The End is soon to come (on the 21st), but I’m going to throw caution to the wind, be an optimist and put my money on “uh…No.” I’ll just stick with it being a really great day, numerically. I like when people in this crazy, technological age of ours still get revved by things like this…numbers in a row.

Secondly, I officially hit 10,000 views on this blog of mine! If you had told me back in February that I would have hit this number by the end of the year, I would have said you were crazy. I was just hoping for a couple sets of eyes once in a while. And sure, my traffic isn’t huge but it’s bigger than I imagined (for a beginning), so I’m not complaining. Thank you to everyone who is continuing to read and find me!

And thirdly, I DID help to set a World Record, as per Guiness, for Christmas Caroling last night.

It was great. Total, old-fashioned holiday fun. I think this was the first time I’ve ever even gone caroling door-to-door and last night we hit 14 houses.

We were down by the local beach, all 502 voices of us. We each had our Guiness numbers on and cups of hot chocolate and song lyrics in our mittened hands. There were Santa hats donning heads in the crowd, folks strung with lights…a great energy was in the cold, December air.

Our conductor and master of ceremonies, armed with a bull-horn, a ladder and dressed in top hat and tails, guided us to each of the 14 designated homes on the route. The homes were decorated and luminarias marked them. This was a neighborhood that had been hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy, so this was the ultimate spreading of good cheer.

As we walked by the beach, a sailboat floated by with a string of lights in and around the mast in the shape of a Christmas tree. I think that was the prettiest thing I’ve seen all week and the embodiment of Christmas in New England. Sparkly and colorful against the inky, black water.

At each house, we all gathered and sang two carols. By the 14th house, we were really belting it out and cheering. The residents came out onto their porches and stoops, clapping, watching and praising. The conductor lead us and all cheered some more.  The evening was a great blend of Charles Dickens and Charlie Brown. The two Charles’, as it may be.  Get me a figgy pudding and get it right now!

Both my kiddos had squawked a bit at the thought of caroling. I took the liberty of playing the Mom-card and just signing us up for this evening. Our resident tween rolled the eyes a bit and scoffed but I took the bulls by the horns and we went. We caroled, we had a great “Mom-and-Daughters evening” that held the spirit of the holidays in it’s warm palm. It was sweet and simple (as simple as 502 people can get), crisp and bright.

12-12-12 proved to a be a wonderful day, stem to singing stern. The Mayans were right…it was a big day!

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