Open that Gift

Trying to be positive. Comes and goes.

The sun came out for a brief period yesterday, but then sank behind a flurry of light gray clouds. Cold in the morning, warm-ish, almost spring-like in the afternoon. The skies didn’t know what to do with themselves. I think I heard a bird chirp. I also think the atmosphere mirrors earthly goings-on more than we realize. All seems confused.

There were police at our schools. I made a point of saying “thank you” to them when I saw them. I thought for a moment to bring them (him) coffee and a doughnut (sense of humor intact), but thought better of it.

Later in the day, I took notice of a plaque that I have hanging in our downstairs bathroom. For some reason, I rarely use that bathroom. The kids usually do. Well, hanging behind the door on a little sliver of wall is an enamel plaque that says “Today is a Gift, that’s why it’s call the Present“.

I love when the universe reminds you of things. It’s always so stinkin’ timely.

My heart is honestly aching for those Mommas out there whose gift now is only the gift of memory. The Past. Memories are powerful, and thank goodness we have them, but they never match the Real Thing. You can get lost in your memories, but here are so many times when you ache to taste, touch, feel.You don’t want your mind to have to do all the work all the time.You just want to be able to relish in the current moment. The Present.

Yes, today is a Gift. And I have my children snuggled in their beds, asking a zillion questions a day, annoying me at times, melting me into a puddle at others.

Christmas Day may be six days away still…but my gift came early.

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