Oh, Magic 8 Ball…

A friend of mine, who I have not heard from in a long time, dropped me a line via Facebook yesterday morning. We were bantering back and forth and catching up, which was quite nice to do. Apparently, she’s been reading my posts because she ended one of her notes with “Have a Merry Christmas! I believe the magic will come to you…during this time, if only for a moment.”

And it did, later in the day, just the way she predicted. Who knew that my friend from PA would be my Magic 8 Ball yesterday?

There were two little moments that just broke through the gunk, so to speak.

1. First, I was in a toy store, of all places. My older daughter wanted to get my husband a particular item for Christmas (a toy….he’s a kid at heart) and I was entrusted with hunting down this thing. I found it at a little toy store that I have driven by for the past 13 years, but for some reason had never gone in. Actually, I do know. Their parking is completely atrocious. But yesterday, the gods sent me into this little store and they even had a parking spot waiting for me (meter-free!) just a few steps from the front door. Score.

What a find! I likened it to the bookstore in the movie “You Have Mail”. My husband was completely left in the dark by this analogy. You know that movie, though, right? It’s the sweet, neighborhood book store with a great, smiley and helpful staff, they stock all the cool and interesting items that you actually want to spend money on and they happily offer to wrap your purchases in nice paper? Yup, that was this toy store and so much so that I actually mentioned that little movie-store-comparison to the women working there. Both said it was a great compliment. Women (and some men, thankfully) know that movie.

Unique toys, big and small. No run-of-the-mill in here, no sir-ee Bob. My magic moment came somewhere between finding the can of Instant-Snow and the Tube Goggles (kid version, not college version) that wind around your face resulting in one end of the tube being in your mouth and the other end in the glass of milk that is accompany your waiting stack of Oreos. The milk goes swishing and traveling all over your mug. So to speak.

I stood in that toy store with my younger daughter and we were totally having a great time, ooh-ing and ah-ing over the cool items we were finding (astronaut ice cream!) when it hit me….this was just good Christmas, child fun. No thoughts of recent horrors were present in that store, in that moment. It was bliss. Hello, Magic. Nice to see you for the first time this week.

2. My second instance of magic was something that my younger daughter and I did when we were saying our goodnights. We both “kissed out” versions of “Jingle Bells” on each other’s cheeks. Sweet, simple, giggly fun. Oh, those warm, sweet-smelling cheeks! Hello again, Magic. I love you.

The sun was even out yesterday.

Magic will reappear. In small doses and little ways, but it always does. Maybe the world won’t be overflowing with it this holiday season, but those wee moments are out there just to give you something to hang on to.

4 thoughts on “Oh, Magic 8 Ball…

  1. Yay for that! Now, I am going to be late for work because I was “surfing.” Lol. Ya see, this is my problem…ha! 20 minutes to get my boy ready, breakfast, brush his teeth, I am still in pj’s, yet, I still write…lol. Really have to go! Be we’ll…k

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