Sweet Surprise

Yesterday, I thought I was done with my posts for the year, but today I have to post just one more thing

THANK YOU to whomever send me the adorable, wonderful and magical Little Buddha statue! It is serene and inspiring.

This package arrived on my porch just a little while ago but any notes or packing slips were conspicuously absent.

Should I be creeped out by this? Not sure. Is this from a friend, who in the spirit of holiday magic, would like to remain anonymous?

Since I’ve been low on magic this past week, this was a welcome surprise and just a beautiful item to receive.

Many heartfelt thanks and, of course, Namaste.

(can I have a clue at least??? I love surprises, but honestly….)



2 thoughts on “Sweet Surprise

  1. Did you say “Tiny Buddha”?
    Could there be a link with your recent guest post on the blog by that name?
    But wouldn’t it ruin the magic to know? Like being told the magician’s tricks… ;o)
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Mystery solved! My lovely cousin sent it to me (for Christmas…guess the Tiny Buddha connection was just a timely coincidence, I think, although that in and of itself is TOTAL serendipity). She says she has a statue just like it and loves it!)…it was a good mini-mystery and a lovely answer 🙂 I know what you mean about knowing magician’s tricks, though… 🙂

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