Be Loud!

“And so begins a New Year…” is what my husband uttered just before we both fell asleep last night.

Another new year. 2013. I remember the eve of 2000 as clear as a bell, and with amazement…we were entering the 2000s. And here we are 13 years in already.

Where did the time go? It’s honestly starting to freak me out a bit. I won’t even dwell on the fact that this summer will be my 25th high school reunion. Yikes. Especially since in my head, I’m maybe late 20s at the most. Guess that’s how it goes, though. I saw a good quote the other day and it was something along the lines of the perfect life being one that starts at 80 and ends at 18. Benjamin Button with perimeters.

It’s January 2nd and the unofficial start to the year, as it seems most people still keep January 1st to enjoy the last vestiges of their holiday season. Hanging on for dear life like a cartoon character on a cliff. If the kids are out of school and there’s no work that day, the diets and new regimes begin the next. Well, we’re here!

And yes, I’m writing this in the pitch black this morning because one of my resolutions is to start getting to bed earlier and up earlier. Over the holidays, I was starting to keep some weird hours and I could just tell that my bod was feeling out-of-whack. That’s how it is with *gulp* getting older. The average things that you could handle without even considering now become “things to manage”. Like sleep. And sugar intake. Or even just traveling and sleeping in different beds. I wake up slightly achy now, when it’s not my own bed. What’s up with THAT?

But resolutions. I’m ditching that word. Every day we make resolutions in our daily life and never think twice about them. But for some reason, the January 1st resolutions have everyone on edge to the point that most people don’t even make them anymore because they feel like it’s instantly setting them up for failure. If you want to abandon something before even trying it, that’s a wee too much pressure.

I’m not calling them resolutions. I’m calling them Good Changes this year. Much more optimistic. Doesn’t sound as iron-clad and serious, either. Sort of like the difference between some religions…here I am being optimistic right out of the gate, not trying to work up to it.

Good Changes like…

reading one book a month (doesn’t sound like a lot, but since having kids, I don’t plow through them like I used to)

being conscious that my body is a machine and food is also medicine. How you treat and fuel this machine is what keeps its working and running the way you want

-breathing deeply more and this year, finally getting into a routine of meditation. At this point, I’ve read far too much about how beneficial meditation is both mentally and physically, so I think I’m silly to not give it a whirl.

smiling more with my kids and letting the little stuff roll off my back. If nothing else, Newtown was a stark and horrifying reminder to me that you must honor the moments that we have

I know I’ll come up with more along the way, but those are a few Good Changes to begin coloring my blank canvas.

Over the holiday, while doing a little shopping, I spied a little wooden box with a quote on the lid. It was a little tchatzke-type box that was really cute but also the kind of item that makes you wonder what the heck you would actually put in it or really do with it. Hence, tchatzke. You’d end up dusting it, that’s probably the extent of your future relationship with it. But on it’s lid, though, carved in a simple but perfect font, it said “Live your life loudly.

Even after I left the store, it stuck with me and I’ve been mulling it over in my head every since.

I’m loving that sentiment. Loudly. Live Loud.

Belt it out, baby, it’s a New Year!

2 thoughts on “Be Loud!

  1. Hi April, I love your idea for renaming resolutions to ‘good changes’ and the changes you have listed there are gentle and so positive – how wonderful. What a lovely post.

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