A View of Pottersville

Where did I disappear to for the past few days without notice?

I so wish I could tell you that I was whisked off on a spontaneous get-away to Paris, where I strolled along the Seine in a pair of red-soled Louboutins but ah, no….

I was weeping into a toilet bowl. Aren’t you glad I told you?

The rampant stomach bug hit our home and I’ll just Leave. It. At. That. One of my aunts even called me saying “I knew you must REALLY be sick because there was absolutely NO Frosting!”. She had that right, baby.

Monday afternoon, I got hit with the virus-train, Monday night I prayed for relief, Tuesday I slept ALL day and even followed it with a nine-hour night’s sleep, Wednesday I stayed in bed but laughed for the first time and by yesterday I was starting to worry that I might seriously go into insulin shock from all the ginger ale I have consumed. Not being a soda drinker, my body is probably thinking THAT is the invader.

I’m here now.

But while down-and-out, I had a somewhat bizarre view of my home life.

For a brief spell, I was invisible. I was like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life after Clarence gave him his wish that he had never been born. Or, at least, some very mild version of it.

From the island that was my bed, I saw my family swimming around me. All kept their distance, of course, for fear of contagion. We gave air-hugs and kisses. This was no longer the Land of Milk and Honey. It was the Land of Lysol and Purell.

They paddled by…going to school, making lunches, dinners, doing homework, or working from home, reading at night….all with me merely watching (rather wearily the first few days) like some hovering specter. Mr. Mom was in charge and young ones differed to him for all. I could hear the dinner chatter in the kitchen below. During the day, a laundry basket would land on the end of the bed and Mr. Mom would ask whose nightgown was this or whose shirt was that…little bits of conversation and input. I was in it but out of it, too, if that makes sense.

I was a fly on the wall in my own home.

I’m happy to report that our home did not go to pieces as Bedford Falls did. Mr. Mom held the fort together in stellar fashion and I could zone out, guilt-free, trying to exorcise that horrible bug from my body.

Mom is getting back in the game now, thankfully. Baby steps, baby steps….this has just turned into one of those weeks. Glad this little stint is ending, though…TV was starting to wear thin on me (how can there be SO little on SO many channels?). Good news is that I finished the book I wanted to read this month. Let’s hear it for the Good Changes! I can say with a chuckle that my big accomplishments this week were taking the recycling bins to the curb today and driving my kids to school today. And I reheated a dinner last night. Give this girl a gold star!

Just need a few more calories from sources beyond popsicles and brothy soup and I’ll be very good to go.

Just another reminder of how good it is to Be Truly Present.

Stay healthy, everyone~

5 thoughts on “A View of Pottersville

  1. Definitely some comfort. During the daily grind it often feels as if EVERYTHING depends on us. It’s nice to see, from time to time, the others pitching in. Now…to get them to sustain that extra bit of effort. Wouldn’t that be nice?
    Hope you’re better soon.

    1. In addition to Mr. Mom, I can say with much gratefulness that I have a wonderful bevy of friends who offered assistance with the day-to-dayness that always needs to get done. I will happily respond when they are down-and-out and need a helping hand, too. It DOES take a village. I’m just happy to live in such a nice one 🙂

  2. Glad you’re feeling better and on the mend! X being sick is the worst! But it does really make you appreciate your health, which I am often guilty of taking advantage of 🙂

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