Mining for Diamonds

This past weekend, I had the parental pleasure of watching one of my girls in a musical production. She played six parts, yes six, and nailed them all, I’m happy to report. And all the while on stage, I could see that she was a having an invigorating, happy, creative experience. I also saw up on that stage, the small 7 lb. 3.5 oz. baby that I brought into this world twelve years ago; from that little, yellow coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit that she absolutely swam in to six different outfit changes, theatre makeup, countless lines and dance steps. It was totally one of the “Mom Moments”. I was witnessing an evolution, right before my very eyes, in rather dramatic fashion as it were.

Friends of ours came to the show as well. The dad remarked afterwards that he was amazed by what the kids had done…the undertaking of it all…and how he was pleasantly surprised by how my daughter performed on stage. He didn’t realize that she had that in her.

That she had that in her.

That got me thinking…you never really know what’s IN you, buried down in the nooks and crannies, just waiting to be unearthed.  Whether you are twelve or forty-two, little gems remain hidden and buried until you do some little thing to uncover them…slightly disturb them…start to dig like your own personal Indiana Jones.

In my daughter’s case, it was an elementary school play that she was in many years ago. Her music teacher had always encouraged her to try out for a part, but my daughter remained adamant about not wanting to do so. She didn’t want to sing or try to remember lines in front of an audience. No way. Then, for whatever reason, she gave it a whirl. Turned out she not only loved it, but was GOOD at it, too. That one small excavation set the course for many plays to come and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon, either.

I like this notion of all these gems sitting inside of us. It’s a magical sort of thought. Who knows what interests we might have or strengths we possess? They lie in wait for the moment when something else sets them off…like spark to flame.

When I was in high school, a picture of Indiana Jones graced my locker door (rawr). If only I had that same picture now…I could hang it up and think of it for a whole new set of reasons. We need to tap into our Inner Indy and go look for those gems.

Who knows what riches they will lead us to…

4 thoughts on “Mining for Diamonds

  1. So true yet as us 40 something’s we tend to forget that! I think it’s time for this 44 year old to start digging!

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