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The Tale of LWB

LWB or Little White Bunny.

Or I as refer to her…Bun-Bun.

BunBun hopped into our life, quite literally, almost three years ago. She’s clearly a domesticated rabbit that someone just didn’t want any more and decided to let “be free”. Who knows how far she hopped to arrive at our doorstep. Apparently, this is rampant in the world of bunnies…folks figure they will survive (or not survive=not their problem anymore) in the outdoors, so hey, just let them run! Can you imagine a person doing that?? I’m generally not the biggest pet-bleeding heart on the planet, but even I  know that is not how you treat an animal.

One summer, BunBun (hubby refuses to call her that) appeared in our backyard. Hung out with the wild rabbits, munched. Returned almost every day for about two months. She stuck out from the crowd of wilds, as she is white with a black upside-down exclamation point on her back. A pretty cute little gal. It was her snowy color that had us concerned for the upcoming fall and winter, therefore, we had to catch her somehow to shelter her. We managed that trick and set her up in a (we thought) temporary home in our cellar. Soon she migrated upstairs, a donated cage appeared from my ASPCA-employed sister-in-law, the bunny-shelters were all full (no joke. There is such a thing) and here she is, living with us as a wee member of our family.

I had never even HELD a bunny before meeting this one. And shhhh….I sadly admit to carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot on a key-chain in elementary school. They were quite the rage in the pre-animal-rights-days of the 70s. White, insanely soft, dangling there on it’s little gold, notched chain. Being the superstitious gal that I am, I was pretty convinced of it’s powers. Maybe it foretold of Bun-Bun-who knows? Please don’t tell BunBun about this trinket, although I swear the way she looks at me sometimes…she knows. But forgives.

Amazingly enough, she’s a great pet. She shows affection by licking our noses and running circles around our feet (sort of “rounding us up”), she loves her little yogurt treats and she’s not half as smelly or strange a pet as I thought she would be. As an upside, she doesn’t make A SINGLE SOUND, which at times is also quite odd to me and somewhat of a downside. Humans generally need some sort of response when it comes to communication, and bunnies responses are rather…subtle. I just wish she’d purr or flick her little puff of a tail…something, Bun, give me something!

She also just likes to sit with us. Bizarre. I always saw rabbits as active, hopping animals that were skittish and darty. Forget that. This gal wants lovin’. It’s terribly sweet the way she nestles into the crook of my arms and just sits there, seemingly very content. She is also as soft as anything I’ve ever touched. It’s perfectly addictive to pet her.

Somehow, in the busy-ness of our daily lives, each family member still seems to have a few moments here and there to commune with these pets of ours (cat, bunny…ok, forget the fish). And when you think about it, that’s really all they are asking for from us. Stroke me, love me, feed me. Simple stuff. It is said that taking a few minutes with a pet will calm and soothe nerves, drop blood pressures and making us feel good and relaxed.

Pets teach us to slow down.

Not to just keep hopping.

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