Have a marshmallow! Or not.

IMG_2620At the moment, on top of my fridge, I have a entire tupperware filled with homemade peppermint marshmallows. All fluffy and pepperminty and sweet. Hovering over our heads in the kitchen.

Cold weather time. Hot chocolate season. One must have the perfect topping ready and waiting for a snow day or a day so cold  (ie. this week) that your jeans feel like sheets of ice after being outside for 30 seconds and the hairs in your nose freeze instantly (gross), making it feel like you are breathing through straw.

Back to the beverage accompaniments…are you a marshmallow or whipped cream kind of gal (Wow. How to make a beverage sound totally 50 Shades of Grey)?

We are split in this household. Little bit of both reside here.

I noticed that those tupperware mallows have been there for a while, too. Maybe there are out of eye-shot or maybe….just maybe…we are a family of successful (future and present) people….hold your laughter and raised eyebrows and watch this very amusing TED Talk.

Happy Weekend, everyone! Enjoy (or not enjoy) those marshmallows!

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