Last night, as we were cleaning up the dishes from our evening’s company, my husband says to me, in a sort of happy, cutesy conversational way,  “I think this summer, you and I should do a Warrior Dash together”.

Aaaaand, the knee-jerk thought that ran through my mind (and through the mud, over the hills…) was “Oh shoot! shoot! shoot! This is his delicate way of suggesting to me that I have gained weight and that it NEEDS to come off”.

Bizarre reaction, I know. Instead of “cool!”, it’s “I need to lose weight”. What the heck.

So, ok, what came out of my mouth was….”soooo….really? A warrior dash? Huh. Well,…..where’s this coming from?”

His answer….”I’d just love to do something like this together. Some couples ski (we don’t), some run (we don’t)….this is something we could try together.”

Fine. Fair enough.

I remained positive throughout this conversation, but in my mind, my thoughts were lobbing back and forth like balls across a ping-pong table.

Just google Warrior Dash and see what you come up with. Part of me feels kind of excited, like “Yeah! I CAN DO THIS!!” and part of me thinks “OMG OMG OMG. I WISH HUBS HAD NEVER MENTIONED THIS.”

Positive: I’d like to think I could do one. Talk about a Wonder Woman feeling!
Negative : This is so far outside of my box and comfort zone that it’s pretty laughable.
Positive: This is so far outside of my box and comfort zone that it’s pretty laughable.
Negative: I can’t do monkey bars and I hate ice water.
Positive: This would be a great role modeling moment for my girls!
Negative: What if this turns into an epic fail and I end up on You Tube?
Positive: It’s only 3 miles
Negative: I hate running more than life.

That Eleanor Roosevelt quote is blaring in my mind right now. I’ve used it in one of my posts before…”do something each day that scares you”.

Well, Eleanor, this scares me and so much that I’m not even going to answer my husband yet. I just look at the height of that climby-rope-laddery thing and I just about hyperventilate.

Although, weirdly enough, I’m *sort of* leaning towards YES, with a big side of What the Hell?, but I need a while to decide.

How about you? Planning anything scary today?

Scary or not, have a great Monday, all!

5 thoughts on “*Gulp*

    1. 1. LOL hadn’t thought of that part of it
      2. I can hide them like nobody’s business! They are there and must be evicted from the premises! but thank you for the sweet words 🙂
      3.will check it out!
      4. barfing kid trumps any race. hands down. hang in there 😦

  1. Wow!! Go for it!! You realize there is ZERO chance I would/could run the course (Oh my…). Of course, it also means you have to give over your stash of peppermint marshmellows…lol.

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