Ode To Joy

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” -John Keats


Such a tiny word. But packs such a wonderful punch.

Hopefully, we have all enjoyed moments of joy that stay with us forever and power us through those less-than-joyous moments. They virtually take on a life of their own, these joyous interludes. Funny thing about them is that they can be as quick-as-a-flash or lengthy in duration.

They can be a single moment in time, like seeing the pride on your child’s face as they stand before their Science Fair project that they worked so hard on AND which came out so well. They can be more momentous moments, such as seeing a newborn baby for the first time. All smallness, softness and pure. Absolute innocence wrapped in a cottony bundle. Ah, that smell of  a newborn…that alone is pure joy. They can be moments involving people, events, Mama Nature or even mere words. There’s no telling what can bring about a dose of joy. But it can bubble up in you causing almost an earthquake within. Little rumbles or rock-your-world, shake-the-ground quakes.

No one forgets when their earth moves.

This flash mob seems a little…well,…orchestrated (uh, where did the big drums suddenly appear from?), but it’s still worth a watch. One of my favorite classical pieces, despite it being one of the more “commercialized” ones. There are times when it can almost make me cry.

The woman’s face at approximately 2:42 says “joy”.

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