Silence is golden….sometimes.

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” -Helen Keller

Two nights ago, we had crazy winds around here. Mama Nature just doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself these days. 55 degrees one day, -10 degree windchill the next. Some snow, some rain, little fog thrown in. C’mon already. Poor gal is mixed up something awful.

So those winds. THOSE winds. I woke up twice in the night from them. They were the kind of winds that had you waiting to hear a crash somewhere in the neighborhood, or worse, in your own yard. I hesitantly opened the back door the next morning, peering out, hoping that I would see no damage.

Phew. I did not.

Because of the winds, there were some power outages around the town but thankfully our little nook was spared.

My yoga studio was not, though. Usually at yoga, our teacher has good yoga-music playing and it creates a nice background for out practice.

Yesterday, however, we were met with silence. No power. No music.

My first thought was “oh man, really? No music? This could be a long hour.” Music can be either a good distraction (get me out of this downward dog NOW!), a good motivator (only a few more seconds in plank!) or a mellowing agent (ahhhhh….). Yesterday we were flying light, with our teacher’s words and our breaths to carry us through the class.

Weirdly and surprisingly, it proved to be very refreshing for a change.

Initially, I figured that I’d have to really control my breathing. Not that I’m a heavy breather, per se, but I think there are times when I can sound like Darth Vader’s sister and the music works to cover that up.

Then….words….instructions….and quiet.

The silence actually worked to center me once I got over the initial where’s-the-noise-I-need-noise thing. There was no distraction of the music or anything to take me away from the movements and the progression and even the challenges. Bizarrely, I enjoyed it. My goal for the past two weeks has been to up-the-ante with my practice. Really put my ALL into every movement. Work with the breaths to strengthen them. And silence was a wonderful co-pilot for this. Who knew?

My brain quieted. My intentions became clearer, my movements more pronounced. I’m listening loud and clear to you, silence!

It was a very liberating feeling to be free of outside “stuff” for an hour. We are bombarded each and every day with noise….people, vehicles, media. This hour of decreased noise brought me back to a state of balance.

How novel. I felt as if some cobwebs had been cleared from my brain. As if a little fogginess had cleared my vision. A little greener. A little fresher.

All this from an hour of quiiiet. That time proved to be a good reminder to sometimes turn off the tv. Nix the radio. Listen to your own brain, for pete’s sake.

Reside in your own thoughts. They are rather interesting, you know. And you never know what you might find or even better, where they might lead you.


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