Yes, Yes They Are

Yesterday, I went with one of my daughters to the local aquarium. It was a cold Sunday and other daughter and hubby had gone to the movies. So, we went, as we had gone so many times before when she was a much smaller girl, on a little Mom-Daughter afternoon.

Thankfully, they’ve redone this aquarium recently, so there are lots of new things to see. At this point in my motherhood, I feel like I know every fish in every tank. I’ve only been going there now for a cool 10 years. That’s a whole lot of fish. When you have been to an aquarium so many times that you even know what direction some fish in some tanks will be swimming before you see the tank, then you know, for certain, you have been a frequent visitor.

One of the new tanks that we saw had a fabulous octopus. It’s not often I say that. Reddish-brown, really large and crawling with his crazy suction cups all over the tank. It was the closest I’ve ever seen one of these guys and all of their working parts. My daughter and I were entranced. Those tentacles curled and swayed in the water, unfurling and moving constantly. He never sat still. We saw clear into his gills. We saw his breath.

Then my daughter said, rather succinctly, “That is an amazing creature.”

I love when kids say things that really should be coming out of adult mouths. Even curses can completely slay you.

Yes, yes he was an amazing creature. I absolutely concur, oh-young-child-of-mine. And you, YOU are an Amazing Creature as well.

And along the lines of amazing…I also had the pleasure this weekend of holding (and admiring profusely) a one-day-old-newborn baby. One little day old. One. A mere 24 hours.

Looking into that face (her head was the size of a grapefruit, I swear), with all those wee expressions…it was a sight to behold. She tried out every expression that she could wrap her brain around, it seemed. Little half-smiles, almost cry, yawn, full grin, squish-the-nose, purse-the-lips, divine-peaceful-sleep-face. I could have watched her all afternoon, experimenting with her new out-in-the-worldness.

Looking at a newborn is sort of like looking into a hazy crystal ball. Will you be tall? Will you be funny? What will your favorite color be? What will your first words be? And, of course, what will you be when you grow up? The answers are in there somewhere.

So much to wonder about. But wondering is wonderful when it comes to these Amazing Creatures.

They make us giggle. They humble us. They teach us.

They amaze us. Constantly.

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