Up a Creek?

I’m an optimist by nature. Sometimes to my detriment but usually to my benefit.

There are times, though, when the state of the world just seems to be so out of whack and in such jeopardy that I feel rather hopeless. Or that I want to crawl in a cave and not come back out. I’m not even talking about politics or gun control or commonly discussed and heavy-hitting topics such as those, just little things that have made our planet…er…less than stellar these days.

This is touched off by a young woman who came to our door this evening as part of a Citizens Campaign for the Environment group. Unfortunately, although she was lobbying for a great cause, she had a few things working against her which I don’t think she realized. First, she showed up on our porch at dinnertime. Sure, folks are home, but really? Really? If you want a guarantee of not getting my attention, showing up between the hours of 5 and 7pm will get you that. Secondly, she was grungy looking. Not to be dismissive, because she was very friendly and pleasant, but truly, if you want to present a serious topic and have people take it seriously, please look the part. She looked like she just stumbled out of some college-campus coffeehouse. The dreads must go. But that’s just me.

I had her leave her reading material with me to peruse. And this was just one of those bits of information that had me feeling hopeless. The campaign is about keeping pharmaceutical drugs out of our water supplies. Our agua-the most basic of the basics. To quote: “a study conducted by the US Geological Survey found low levels of drugs such as antibiotics, hormones, contraceptives, and steroids in 80% of the rivers and streams tested” and these studies have also found that these drugs “have been detected in drinking water supplies of 41 million Americans.”

Yikes. Hello, Brita.

Add to this that I recently was researching an article on Fair Trade chocolates for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. Fair Trade demarcations are very important in the world of cacao production because on many of the plantations, workers are exploited and abused AND many of those workers are children. I can’t even go into details this early in the morning because it makes my heart ache. I look at my own children and the lovely, safe life that they have had the LUCK to be born into and then I think of other little ones and it’s just too much to wrap my head around. Google   it and you will see. And all for cacao. Ridiculous.

And the last morsel that I stumbled on recently was a report about how our grocery receipts…yes, receipts that we handle every stinking day, may be linked to breast cancer as a toxic environmental factor. You know the BPAs commonly found in hard plastics that everyone is now trying to avoid because it has been proven to be a hormone “disruptor” (that’s putting it mildly)…well, receipts from fast food restaurants (another strike against them), grocery stores and gas stations are heavily laden with BPAs. Honestly. We can’t keep up sometimes…doesn’t it feel that way? We go out of our way to buy the BPA-free water bottle and the receipt that we get back for the purchase puts the stuff all over our hands. Just exhausting.

Moral of this somewhat pessimistic post is to just be aware. Our sweet Mayberry lifestyle of long-long ago took a hard left turn somewhere along the way and now we are in a whole different place.

Be aware. Read labels and educate yourself. It’s possible to keep some of these things in check if we know about them and maybe we can even stop some of them from progressing.

Have a great day. Drink your filtered water from a BPA-free water bottle, find out where to chuck your old pills, make a good choice about which world-friendly chocolates to purchase, and then ask the checkout girl to just keep the receipt.

I’ll put my soapbox away now 🙂

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