New Englandahs

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.”-Andy Goldsworthy

Blizzard Warning.

Translation: Hightail it to the grocery store and buy milk and bread.

Because, Lord knows, we could be stranded without food for….what?…..a whole 24 hours?

Anyone who lived through the mighty Blizzard of ’78 in New England (I was 8 and stranded at a neighbor’s house, with the rest of my family scattered all over the city) now has the knee-jerk reaction to buy food when snow is coming. It’s a meteorological Pavlovian response. I actually laughed when I was at Stop and Shop today. Somehow, it makes us feel better and somewhat prepared, in a bizarre, almost Neanderthal way. Must. Gather. Provisions. Forget that what we really need is a can of propane for the grill (must locate ours tomorrow morning) and a working snow blower (read: husband).

And what are you planning to make for several days with just bread and milk? French toast for 40, maybe? If someone were clever (or “clevah” in New Englandese), they’d put out a New Englandah’s Blizzard Cookbook with every recipe beginning with bread and milk (idea originated here, let the record show). How many delights can we come up with to feed our families as we suffer cabin fever? When in doubt, carbo-load! Pay no attention to yesterday’s post. This is a weather emergency.

I know I’ve said this type of thing before, but when a storm is about to hit, you realize just how NOT jaded people still are when it comes to Mama Nature. Sure, there are big things to worry about…power outages, safety…but beyond those, people just want to see the weather happen. I, for one, love to stand out on my porch when it’s snowing and just listen to that very quiet snow fall oh-so-gently. The world is virtually silent during a snowfall.

So, let’s see what happens today. I’ll be at home. Having French Toast.


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