Listening to Federico

As I was on the treadmill yesterday morning, watching Under the Tuscan Sun for the zillionth time (part out of desire, part out of not having the energy to dig up another movie), I hit on that part where the zany Catherine is telling Frances how she met Federico Fellini and consequently became his muse.

She went on to say that Il Maestro gave wonderful advice, one bit being to “never lose your childlike enthusiasm.” Those are really great words, as far as I’m concerned, and I thought of them (or a version of them) the other day when my family and I went….sledding.

As you well know, the Northeast was hit with a monster snow storm this past weekend. Inches and inches of the white stuff piling up all over towns. It was beautiful and of course, once the storm cleared out, resulted in some superior sledding conditions. So, we all tromped off to the local hill on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining (blinding), loads of kids were there, it was a fabulously time.

One thing that I noticed, though, was that most of the adults were just standing around at the top of the hill. They were chatting with other adults…encouraging the kids to move a little faster up the hill once their run was complete…helping little ones onto sleds…taking photos, that sort of thing. But barely any adults were actually sledding with their kids.

My husband and I sure were.

I get it…you get there, you want to stay dry, you don’t know if your bones can handle some of those dips and dunks along the hill, or even if you can make it back up the hill (lol). Will you look like a fool? Will you break something? Have you lost your sledding abilities? Will you lose your keys? Are you scared??

I tell you, the minute you hop on that sled and start flying down that hill, you remember just how much fun it was when you were a kid. And who didn’t love sledding when they were a kid? And tell me, when was the last time you rolled around in the snow? You know…when you lean just a little on your sled, which sends you veering off course and then tumbling off that sled in the most undelicate way possible…it’s still fun. And even when you shriek the whole way down the (honestly not so big) hill and probably sound like a lunatic…it’s still fun.

I love when my kids get a chance to see me being silly. Yup, adults do that, too.  I love throwing off the bowlines and jumping into the fun. It’s good to surprise them. I love having things to truly laugh about together when we are driving home. It’s good to create those kind of memories.

Next snow storm…on your to-do list…snow angels and sledding. In no particular order.


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