Let’s Try Tomorrow.

That’s when I’ll be back at this.

Today, quite frankly, I’m just too exasperated to write.

Had a wonderful weekend away but it ended with a sick child snorting and blowing her nose for 5 hours in the car yesterday. FIVE hours. You looking for a new way to torture someone? That would be it. Be stuck in a car with someone making those noises roughly every five minutes for three hundred minutes.

Yes, she is the sick one and it’s not about the other passengers, but oh, mama, the words hanging-by-a-thread spring to mind.

I thought I would collapse into my own bed last night and drift off to blissful dreamland, but I did no such thing. Got a horrible night’s sleep for no apparent reason (I should have been exhausted from the car ride) and therefore, words are not my strong suit this morning.

I shall channel Scarlet today…Tomorrow is another day!

Have a lovely day, everyone…sniffles and all.

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