What you talkin’ about, Punxatawney?

“I am on alert for the first signs of spring.”-Henry David Thoreau

I stumbled on that quote recently. Yesterday, I could swear I heard a bird chirping in that particular way that gives you hope that spring is not all that far off, despite the fact that you are freezing and standing in snow as you listen.

And then I logged onto Facebook and saw a weather map describing “Blizzard Part 2?” for this weekend. Well, so much for springy thoughts. And we bumble on through this very odd winter…warm, cold, heavy snow, no snow, warm, icy. We’ve seen it all at this point. Classic New England that continues to get more bizarre. As an aside, my feet are also as cold as ice cubes as I type this. Who needs Doppler 8000? Just check my feet for the current, most up-to-date temps.

So, to give you a wintery chuckle this morning, I offer this You Tube compilation. We will be so bold as to assume that no one sprained, broke or concussed (a word? eh, let’s make it a word) anything, therefore making it just plain amusing.

Have a wonderful (wintery?) weekend, everyone. May your footing be sure and strong.

(note: I’d be hysterically shrieking if I was in one of those sliding cars. And, uh, the guy jumping into the frozen swimming pool? No comment.)

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