When in Doubt, Make a Raft and Hold On

“The best thing in life to hold on to is each other.”-Audrey Hepburn

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a moderate animal-lover. In my life, I’ve had my share of gerbils, fish and cats. Our bunny is the most unusual pet I’ve ever had. In fact, I had never even picked up a rabbit before Bun-Bun came along. There have been no birds, reptiles (bwahhh!) or larger, more high-commitment creatures like dogs. Just can’t make that leap (problematic since husband keeps talking about wanting one). The idea of walking a dog in extreme weather is enough to keep me in cat-land.

That said, I do enjoy animals and love watching them. Monkeys at the zoo? Fave. Even Curious George was my favorite story book as a child AND I still have my stuffed Curious George from when I got him at 3 years of age. My kids have cuddled him, thrown up on him and we even had him re-stuffed at Build-A-Bear in the mall after he came out of the washing machine flat as a board after one particularly bad throw-up incident (did you know they do that? If you bring in an old stuffed animal, they will re-stuff it and bring it back to life. No more floppy necks!).

My husband, who is the animal-lover-supreme in our family, actually stumbled on a picture of two otters this week. I often call him the weak-link in our house…he’d take in any animal that came his way. There is no way I’m ever letting him volunteer in a shelter because he’d be adding to our household on a regular basis. He did, though, find a great otter picture somewhere on the interwebs this week and then I dug up this video. That, I can handle.

“Otter rafts”…it’s really quite amazing what Mama Nature comes up with. I may not be an animal fanatic, but I sure am amazed by them. Sea otters, even though they forage alone, will rest together in single-sex “rafts”. They link their little paws together so no one floats out to sea during naptime (can you imagine waking up and finding that your friend just floated away? Where’s Harry??!). The largest raft ever seen was comprised of 2,000 otters (it was like no otter. Hahaha). The video below is a little two-man raft, but scores high on the adorable scale.

I just love the idea of this. Practicality rules but the lesson to simply hold onto each other is the best.

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