Humble Pie, fine I’ll take a slice

Yesterday I wrote that I had no words.

Actually, I had too many words and that was the problem. There was too much stuff jumbling around in my brain yesterday and I was left with the equivalent of an 18-car highway pile-up during a snowstorm.

I simply couldn’t figure out what to write about or how to write it because too many other thoughts were in the way.

In the midst of my very-muddled-and-agitated day (which even resulted in me throwing a minor hissy fit in front of my stove delivery man. I think an expletive was in the mix as well. Admittedly, not my finest hour), my husband cornered me and looked me dead in the eyes and said “Breathe. You are always telling others to do it, now it’s your turn. Breathe.”

(doesn’t it kill you when your husband is right?)

I did. The evening was calmer, even though I went to bed saying to him that my head just felt heavy from the day. Amazing how thoughts can weigh you down physically.

But, as Miss Scaaaahlet would say….Tomorrow is another day. And it has been so far. And despite the gray, rain and ungodly winds, it has been much nicer.


6 thoughts on “Humble Pie, fine I’ll take a slice

  1. Oh boy do I know how you feel. In today’s world there is just some much running around in our brains and in our lives. Enjoy that new stove. Cook something on that new beast and you will feel better. Love you -Melinda

  2. So sorry to hear your day was that bad. I have one of those once a week I am embarrased to say. You are quite a catch as friends go so for you (who is so very well grounded in good vibes) to have a bad day, it must have been bad. Glad you took the initiative and ended the bad day. Sometimes if I am having a bad day and can put the pajamas on earlier than normal, I do, it starts the stress relief! Happy Thursday! – Laurie

    1. Like my Mom always said of me, if I was upset when I was little I just wanted to go to bed. Even then I knew that it would solve things 🙂
      Yesterday was yesterday, we all have our zany days, and today was a brand, shiny new day. All better!

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