Happy Hlyd monath!

Yesterday it hit me….tomorrow (or today) is March! And yes, by golly, golly Miss Molly, it’s here! March, a month that starts to give us glimpses and hopes of Spring…with it’s thoughts of St. Pat’s green and daylight savings (why-oh-why are we still as a nation partaking in this archaic seasonal ritual?) and warmer days on the horizon!

The next thought I had, and I kid you not, was “Is winter really coming to a close? Maybe we will still get one more good snowstorm. Am I ready for winter to be over already?” I apparently lost my mind for a few moments there. But then again, with the weather being as weird as it has been, it honestly hasn’t seemed like much of a winter. We had a few big snowstorms, one or two wicked-cold blasts and the rest was sort of dreary and inconvenient weather. I frankly think I remember more wind than anything else this season. Maybe we will still get one or two more beautiful, sparkly, stay-inside-by-the-fire snowstorms. With the way things are going, it could happen in May, who knows. I don’t think much will start to surprise us anymore.

snowdropsBut March is here. It’s been a mild week, I heard birds yesterday and nothing sounds more springy than birds, and the sun was out for a while warming the earth just a tad. My puffy down jacket stayed on the coat rack and a light quilted one took it’s place on me for the day. A nice variation, I must say. And as my yoga instructor said yesterday…”Let’s do lots of ab work today! Warmer days are coming!” Layers will begin to be shed (instilling horror in many. Case in point, I reached for an orange last night instead of cookie #3). Even the weatherman pointed out that by the end of March, we will be courting temps that are in the low-mid 50s. Niiiiice!

We are  now officially in a seasonal purgatory of sorts, though. March always wants to be so much nicer than it ever it and heaven knows, we want that, too. What we generally end up with (at least in New England) is just a wet, dreary month punctuated by St. Patrick’s Day. A flurry here, a warmish day there. And who the heck knows if we dare put the winter boots and hats away just yet. Even the ancients agreed…the Anglo-Saxons called the month Hlyd monath (translation: Stormy month) or Hraed monath (translation: Rugged month). This is nothing new.

And this quote just sums it up perfectly…“March is a month of considerable frustration – it is so near spring and yet across a great deal of the country the weather is still so violent and changeable that outdoor activity in our yards seems light years away.”
–  Thalassa Cruso 

So, patiently we wait for Spring…maybe enjoying the last vestiges of winter along the way.  It’s coming and it’s delicious, says the girl named April.

(I’ll post some good recipes next week, as I’ve gotten away from that for a while)

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