Turning Back the Channel

Even more bizarre than walking around your college campus with your children is when your children start watching television shows that you watched when you were a kid. It’s right up there with going into an antique store and seeing something from your youth.

(insert whig-0ut here)

My daughters recently discovered The Cosby Show. When we stumbled on it on one of those rerun channels, I remarked about it and they looked at me like “You KNOW this show? And…why isn’t this show in black and white if you grew up with it?”. Har-har. I. AM. NOT. THAT. OLD. That’s why.

Then it hit me, they are the perfect age for it because they are at the age when I was watching it. OMG. I. AM. OLD.

So, now they look for The Cosby Show on all the channels. It was so much easier when I was a kid. We had five channels, not over three hundred or whatever it is now. The funny thing is that they laugh at the same things that I remember laughing at. Bill Cosby really has a way of telling a story…the timing, the mannerisms, the facial expressions. The storylines still hold up, too, which is sort of amazing, despite our era of tweets, texts and ieverythings.  You watch Andy Griffith and of course, it’s dated (everybody whistle, please). But generally, the Cosby shows still holds it’s own in terms of kid-mischief, parenting and good solutions.

As much as it is horrifying (in an age-sense), it’s sort of sweet, too, reliving these things that you enjoyed so much when you were a kid with your kids. You get to go down memory lane but with some cute new companions.

Enjoy this vintage laugh about a vintage car, Cosby-style. I still do.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Turning Back the Channel

  1. I was flipping around on the TV the other night and ran across The Carol Burnett Show. It is certainly dated, but it was just as funny now as it was then. Like The Cosby Show, you can tell the actors liked each other and enjoyed what they were doing. Maybe that’s why good show transcend time.

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