This Bud’s for You

And here it is….


Yesterday, as I walked in the 51 degree afternoon weather (yay!!), I had the distinct joy of seeing bud after bud after bud. Little chartreuse tips of foliage pushing up from the earth. Are those teeny buds on the lilac bushes? Maybe! The beginnings of fiery orange tulips, deep amethyst hyacinths and buttery yellow daffodils that will (hopefully soon) lift their faces to the sky. And so also begins the race to beat the visiting deer…get that heinous smelling salmon spray on those buds before the buffet starts! I have won the war before, there’s no reason I can’t remain champion this year, too.

I passed one yard on my walk that was covered in a carpet of pale lavender crocuses. Or crocii? To finally see a color other than browns and muted greens after several months was a visual treat. I stood and just took it in for a few moments. Call me easily amused. Year after year, these buds and wee flowers that signal a new season excite us. When do you ever see folks get so amped up about a single daffodil? Right after the winter you do.

Maybe my name has rubbed off on me, but these early spring days and the all the days that unfold thereafter as the world comes into its greening again is just pure magic, in my humble opinion. It’s almost like watching the sweetest little child wake up, rub those eyes, give a long yawn and grant you a darling smile. Loveliness follows.

We are there. Maybe a few extra little blasts of Mama Winter still to come, trying to keep our attention, but for the most part, the natural world is starting to wake up again after a long sleep. The buds are coming!

“Every spring is the only spring – a perpetual astonishment.”- Ellis Peters

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