Princess Stands Like Crocus


Last week, when I saw the bunch of crocuses on the left while out on my walk, they were stretched out in all of their glory, soaking up the sun and rejoicing with the rest of us at the warm weather. Note the before and after pictures posted above. Yesterday, I think I saw teeny little scarves and earmuffs on them. They looked just as cold as I felt, and those poor dears just had to stand still. They couldn’t even walk to warm up. You know it’s cold when you go for a walk and ten steps into your 4.5 miles you are looking forward to the hot shower that will follow that walk. Yesterday was that kind of day. My legs were moving so fast that I could barely keep up with them. We’ll just categorize my outdoor time as “brisk”.

As I came to the conclusion that yes, I am just done with the cold weather (and being cold and having colds…) for this season, I also came to the conclusion that this is Mama Nature’s way of telling us to be patient and have supreme faith. Good weather always does arrive, it’s never failed to show up. Not once.

Extend that thought just a little further and all the other things in life that have you just frustrated to no end…well, you just have give yourself over to them as well, waiting patiently. Silly-things-to-big-things that keep you tossing and turning at night…will my kitchen woes ever been solved? When will I figure out what I want to be when I grown up so that I can really start sinking my teeth into it?

It will happen. Just keep asking yourself the question and start figuring out the answers aloud. Someone in the universe has to be listening. If not, we’re all up a creek. Somehow, ruminating out loud helps to clarify things…maybe the brain can just hold only so much information, thoughts and filler. Put these ideas and concerns on another sheet of paper altogether and start to work it out. Then, as you are taking these baby steps…after all, it’s a pile of rocks that builds a mountain, you can then add the magic ingredient of belief. Belief that it will happen when the time is right. Belief that the right things will come along just at the right moments for you to act on them.

Patience. Just like those cold, wee, little crocuses.

We wait, standing tall. Ready to bloom.

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