Winter is Muerto

Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring!…it’s here, holy cow, snow-and-all, but it’s here. Sigh.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. Doug Larson

Thank you, Mr. Larson. You hit the nail on the head today.

Doing something different today….here are some observances from this week…

-Your hair always looks its best the day before you are going to have it cut, making you rethink your appointment for a few seconds until you remember that tomorrow, if you don’t get it cut, it will look awful again.

-And then after you have it cut and it’s gotten the perfect blow out, you wish you knew how to sleep standing up

-People’s mood increase exponentially with each ray of sunshine that beams through the clouds.

-The moment you put your winter boots away in a closet, a storm will hit.

-Looking at Pinterest before you go to bed is akin to taking a shot of espresso.

-Evolution totally dropped the ball when it didn’t give women 8 arms and the capability to be in (insert amount of children you have here) places at one time.

-Irish music just makes you feel happy.

-Looking at all of your “Garden Loves” pins on Pinterest won’t make spring and summer get here any quicker. In fact, it makes it seem longer.

-Watching hamsters on those little running wheels at the pet store is amazing at producing laughter.

-Less bad carbs, sweets and more exercise really does equal a flatter tummy and smaller hips. Huh.

-To laugh with someone is truly one of the best things in the world.

-How a sock goes in one load of laundry and reappears several loads later is still a mystery to me.

-Having to write a short bio of yourself is rather clarifying

-Cook with love and focus and it will always turn out well

-When you realize that you have just been flexible, it’s insanely calming

Go have a good first day of Spring. See what’s around you. Observe, laugh and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Winter is Muerto

  1. Hi there! I subscribed to your blog about a month ago and reading it just always brings a smile to my face and helps me put things in perspective. It’s the ordinary things that end up meaning the most, and your sense of humor just helps me lighten my outlook :-)))) Keep it up……….I look forward to reading your posts!

    1. Your comments just started my day in the most wonderful way, so I thank you 🙂 To know that people enjoy my writing is so satisfying-I truly cannot describe the feeling. I hope you keep enjoying and commenting! Happy Spring, by the way! It’s here…woot!!

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