Oh, What the Heck

Last night I was going to write a post about evolutions and how there is power in evolving. The idea stemmed from my recent yoga classes. Sleepiness took over, my bed called to me like a chorus of sirens and I resolved to wake up this morning early and write my post. I like the early morning hours.

At 6am, it was insanely dark. So dark that you think your clocks have gone all loopy and you are really staggering around at 3am. Odd side story here, that actually did happen to us once. In the days before kids, when my husband and I were still commuting regularly into the nearby city, there was a power outage one night. Don’t remember why (storm? can’t remember), but when the power came back on, my husband reset the clock. The power had gone off when were sleeping at some point (key words to our story)So, the alarm goes off, we blearily climb out of bed, he hops in the shower. I distinctly remember looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, hair in eighty different directions, thinking “Wow. You look like hell this morning.” I got washed and dressed. Still thinking “Holy cow. I Am So Tired This Morning.” We hadn’t gone downstairs yet but we both remarked that we couldn’t believe how tired we both were. I checked my watch on the nightstand (these were the days before iPhones). IT WAS 3 AM. What? I asked husband about when he reset the clock when the power came back on. His reply “I just set it for the hour that I thought it was.” (I guess that seemed logical in a middle-of-the-night-sleepy-state).

<silence> How do you judge the time of night when it’s IN the middle of the night?

Needless to say, we discovered one of the best things in the world that evening….having the ability to get BACK into bed for ANOTHER 3 HOURS and know that when the alarm goes off this time (for real), you will be completely ready for work. 🙂 We’ve laughed about that night many times since.

So, here we are now this morning. When I put on a few lights downstairs, my eyes screamed at me and my head kept asking “you are up again, why?”.

I was going to write about evolution and process and accomplishment. That’s why.

But right now, all I want is a cinnamon bun. I kid you not. I made the mistake of checking my email before writing and I had gotten an email from Williams-Sonoma. Lots of Easter goodies. Lots of delightful looking things. Cinnamon Buns included. That image entered, has stuck and I am seeing a weird quest within the structure of my day today.

Just one. To savor and to enjoy.

And I’ve been sooooo stinkin’ good. Remember my Big Fat Autumn? I’ve been chipping away at that and my pants are happier with me these days. I’m only talking about ten pounds or so here, but still, when you know what works for your body and when it “turns” slightly, it’s unnerving. Those ten pounds can kiss my sweet patootie goodbye and go reside with some other soul (or some other patootie, as the case may be). I don’t want them.

As I have mentioned many, many times, life is about moderation, as I see it. My Big Fat Autumn spoke otherwise, but now I’m back on track and being moderate. Oh, and exercising (there’s a radical idea). But, I seriously think a cinnamon bun is on my list today. Why, because it’s going to make me happy. I don’t need five of them, I’m not then going to eat fifteen other sugary things and make that cinnamon bun a mere appetizer. Ransacking our pantry and coming up with poor substitutions won’t help this either. That’s just going to end ugly, I can see it now. I’d rather enjoy one good treat than four sub-par ones. My Anti-Big Fat Autumn thinking. Sometimes you just have to do what’s going to make you happy.

Savor. Enjoy. Make it the best, most high-end cinnamon bun I can find. I’m not talking grocery store packaged jobbie. Noooo….good baking company in town jobbie. Enjoy the heck out of it. Maybe even whip up a cappuccino and pile it high like Everest with drifts and swoops of white, milky foam.

Sometimes, it just takes a cinnamon bun to keep you on course.

(a picture of my new sirens)


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