How you See it or Say it, it’s up to You.

April. Or Ah-prill, as my high school English teacher would pronounce it. Why did she say it that way? Because that’s how Geoffrey Chaucer pronounced it in his famed Canterbury Tales. From that reading on, for the rest of my high school career, I was Ah-prill to lovely Mrs. Roderick. She did her job, as a morsel of English Literature has made an impression and stuck with me for the past 25 years.

And today is the start of Ah-pril! The definition of this month’s name has also always stuck with me…it’s from the Latin and it means “to open, as the earth opens unto Spring”. Somehow, those words just roll off the tongue so easily and so nicely. To open. As the earth opens unto Spring. To begin.


It got me thinking…open or begin what? We all have this fabulous blast of energy when the weather turns and the sun comes out to play. What am I going to start? What are YOU going to start?

Open to a new perspective? Lord knows there’s plenty in the news these days. Take your pick.

Open to a new creative endeavor? I know one friend who is writing a book proposal, one who is going to start a craft blog and one who just started a new job. How about you?

Open to friendship? To love? Those are some good ones, never to be beat.

Open to a new adventure? To the next town or across the ocean blue….where shall you venture? Maybe just into your own backyard. String the lights. Mingle with the moon. See it in a new way.

Jeez Louise, just take it literally and even just open a new book. I made a new little challenge for myself recently…that each new book I picked up during this year would come from different sections of the bookstore. A religion, a crime fiction, a history, an art and so on. Despite loving bookstores, I noticed that I approach them the way I do Chinese food selections. I stick to the same things. Crab Rangoon, papaya salad, dumplings. Love them but I don’t branch out all that much, which is continually odd to me, especially as a person who does like to explore and generally not stagnate. Guess all bets are suspended when it comes to books and Chinese food. We all have our hangups.

O-P-E-N. It’s Ah-pril. What is going to unfold for you?


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