Play it again, Sam

The absolutely brilliant thing about waking up alive each morning is that you get a do-over. Remember when you were little and you were playing baseball and the ball went up onto the garage roof… or playing dodgeball and the ball bounced into the street…or doing whatever cool kid thing you were doing and it just went wrong? Someone always yelled Do-Over! And you simply did it over and moved on.

Kids really are so resilient and wise all at the same time.

Yesterday my girls and I had one of those days. As I look back at it, all the girls of the house were just out-of-whack (the obvious reason doesn’t work. They are too young.). I would swear that even our girl bunny seemed somehow grumpy, don’t ask how I could possibly assert this from her behavior. Maybe she was digging into that timothy hay just a little too furiously. The males (husband, cat, fish), however, were fine.

One girl woke up grumpy and crabby. Way to start the day! The hour before school began was a lovely one, I say with sarcasm dripping from my lips. The other child took the baton that was passed to her with the the ease of an Olympic runner and made the after-school hours (and I say that in a fabulously plural way) a delight. Again, sarcasm. Much sarcasm.

We were so out of joint that when we were at the REI store, ironically buying me a new top for yoga class, that I asked the woman at the register if it was a full-moon this week. Nope, she thought it was last week. Dang, at least I would have had that as a possible reason for all this girlie nuttiness.

Arg. We stumbled through homework and dinner and all went to bed growling. Some tears. Nerves frayed. Blech.

But there is something I always tell my girls…tomorrow, we get a do-over. Maybe today wasn’t so great, and everyone has those days, but tomorrow…try it all again.

So today. We are on our do-over. A true good thing if ever there was one. A gift to feel lucky and blessed and happy about.  Life itself has its daily foibles and annoyances but, if you are lucky enough, a do-over follows.

I’m off to have a lovely Do-over Day and enjoy it thoroughly. Making it good, making it better. Have a great day, too, and remember if it isn’t so hot…you get another shot tomorrow.

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