Divine, Divine Women!

Unknown-1I consider myself wonderfully lucky. Lucky-or blessed, really-to have an amazing array of girlfriends. Women whom I have gotten to know via jobs, our children, hobbies, happenstance, or even through mutual friends.

This post today is for no other reason than gratitude. Gratitude for these women in my life. We have talked, talked, talked,  laughed, ranted, shopped, exercised, drank, cooked, traveled, cried, screamed, questioned, giggled, and about a million other things in each other’s presence. And we keep coming back to each other. How divine.

My wish for my daughters has always been that they not only have happy marriages and all the healthy, wonderful children that they desire, but that they have girlfriends. Great, inspiring, empowering girlfriends. Women need that in their lives. They need to reach beyond their homes and find those other delightful creatures of this world …the goddesses, the sisters, whatever you want to call them…that they can count on and be supported by. Some of it is luck in crossing each other’s lives at just the right moment, some of it involves putting yourself out there. Who will I find?

When you find them, appreciate them and hold on tightly.

Here are some good quotes and sayings that remind me of my girlfriends…

Sassy, Classy and a little Bad-Assey.

You’ll always be my best friend. You know too much.

We’ve been through thick and thin together. You remember thin, don’t you?

Spirit of Faith, Heart of Kindness, Character of Beauty-You are an amazing woman.

A good friend is like a good bra…hard to find, supportive, comfortable, there to lift you up and is always close to your heart.

And finally, a Gathering of the Goddesses (I saw this one on a very large travel mug, I may just have to buy it some time)…

It is a known fact that goddesses attract other goddesses.

You know, “Birds of a feather….”

But the really cool thing is that quite often

they flock together long before they reach

their true lofty status of “Goddess”

giving their friendships

the depth that only time can give.

By the time they become goddesses,

they’d been gathering together for so long,

giving, sharing, loving and caring

that they know intimate details

about each others lives…

making their bond unbreakable.

Whether shopping, going out to lunch,

lounging over pedicure or sitting on the beach,

the gathering of goddesses can’t be missed.

Just listen for the buzz of friendship,

the tears of shared sorrows

and the fits of irrepressible laughter.

You’ll know in a minute,

you’re in the presence of greatness.

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