I wonder, I wander….

Unknown“The Wanderlust has got me… by the belly-aching fire”-Robert W. Service, Rhymes of a Rolling Stone 

“Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.” -Vladimir Nabokov, Mary
This morning, I woke up thinking about travel.
Then, I ambled into the bathroom and, laying out, was an old issue of Travel and Leisure. The bathroom seems to be our family members’ (except me) favorite reading spot. Really? We have cushy, puffy, comfortable couches and a sunroom where you can sprawl out like a cat. SO many more comfortable and inviting spaces. I find this bizarre. Must be something about the no-one-will-bother-you-in-the-bathroom angle. Until someday, when I get my big, deep tub that I won’t want to leave and which will, no doubt, become a great reading spot, I’ll stick to couches or nestle under my duvet, thank you very much.
And how funny to come across that Nabokov quote…a friend of mine just mentioned being particularly restless in the springtime. Sometimes it is seriously like the universe just sits there and throws things at your feet. Ideas. Clues. Follow the trail, please.
I’m restless, too. Wanderlust. Someone hand me a suitcase and a plane ticket. Or even just a full-tank of gas and a clear schedule. For the moment, though, I’m relegated to drooling on the pages of travel magazines (whilst not in the bathroom, you can be sure). Part of me wants to run down to Barnes and Noble, gather up all the travel mags that they have in their magazine section and just flip, flip, flip through those pages all afternoon. Be an armchair traveler. No waiting in security lines…there are bonuses. Where to go? Where to go?
Up until not that long ago, we had a subscription to National Geographic Traveler magazine. It was a great publication, all glossy and vivid in its tales of exploration, but my husband finally canceled the subscription citing that it just served to depress him most days. I could tell he was torn. He loves to travel, but current situation (money, family, work, obligations) dictates that not much of it occurs. Add to that, as your fingers turn those pages, you can quickly feel like you have seen virtually nothing of this world. Really, I’m just going to work today?
Why have I not been to Machu Picchu yet? Why have I not hiked to the top of a volcano? Why I have not driven the entirety of Route 66, finding diners and dives (not Guy Fieri) and weathered old souls who will sit and tell me their life’s story for the afternoon, without an ounce of rush in them?
Hmmm. I apparently took a left turn somewhere along the way when I should have taken a right.
I will, though, continue to read those travel magazines and rip out articles of cafes, museums, trails and beaches that I would like to visit in my lifetime. On some days, looking at them can make you feel like you are at a standstill. BUT, most often, it keeps the mind running. And longing to explore. Start small, end big.
Wander in the mind and hopefully the legs will get a chance to follow!

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