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Just Add Jacket

Last night, I walked into a party of one hundred people and going in, I knew exactly one of them.

Driving over, I almost turned around. I had been looking forward to going to this event, but in the hussle-and-bustle of the week, it only dawned on me in the late afternoon that I was going stag. Solo. Hubby home with the kiddos. Who would I talk to? How would I not look lost and “alone”? My younger-girl self was kicking in and was feeling shy and a little overwhelmed. Gulp.

Bigger-girl self won out. The car did not turn around. I wore my confidence-boosting,persimmon-colored velvet blazer that fits just so. I was even having a good hair day.

At first, it was a little like stepping out onto ice. Make a little eye-contact, a little chatter here and there, find the ONE person you know and talk for a few minutes. Slowly and cautiously move around the room. But then, something happened. I crossed paths and started fun conversations with one, two, three people, four. I even bumped into a woman who had run a breakfast restaurant a few towns over years ago that my husband and I loved to frequent and that we mourned when it burnt down. She and I had had one of those “I know you from somewhere moments”. We finally figured it out (the breakfasts in the iron skillets were The Best!) and ended the reunion with a hug. More conversations. Laughs. Great desserts. A swag bag.

It was a great night filled with good energy and wonderful food and yet another reminder to always just put on that great jacket and just step out the door.

*And speaking of stepping out the door, I will see you again on Tuesday the 23rd. I am taking a bit of a hiatus to recharge, regroup and relax! Be well. Namaste. Good eats to you.

**If you were looking and couldn’t find yesterday’s post, it’s there. I just posted very late in the day. See, I told you I needed a hiatus….

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